Keeping our eye on the light and taking a positive perspective,  while facing the reality of any crisis, is wise and will help us get through.

While in a meditative state when the Coronavirus first arrived, I asked my guides what to expect regarding the intensity of the coronavirus in the world. The word “rage” popped straight in and I was given an image of this virus raging through populations. Some countries have it under control at this point in time, Australia through restrictions and zero tolerance, Britain and a few others with vaccines. But with the new variants being more infections, the virus still poses a threat. Whatever now happens with the vaccines and the new variants, we need to know our way through the challenges we continue to face.

I have observed different reactions in people to the threat of the virus. Some gave into panic (e.g. hoarding), some became anxious (e.g. making critical comments accusing others of not taking the virus seriously enough), some denied any danger (e.g. saying, “it’s a hoax” or “I don’t care if I get it”) and some stayed calm.

Did you have any of these reactions? Or did you react quite differently?

I recall a couple of stories from 2020 that illustrate some reactions:

Sally, a client of mine, told me what happened when she was visiting one of her clients, the manager of a grocery store. A customer, mistaking her for management, started abusing Sally because there was no toilet paper. Sally just stood there, puzzled at this woman’s panicked state. Then she calmly responded with her truth, “I really don’t understand.” The woman paused for a moment and looked at her. “Do you realise,” Sally said, “that we have running water in our homes. If you don’t have any toilet paper, you can wash yourself.” The women woman’s eyes widened a little as she popped out of her fearful trance. “Ahh! I never thought of that,” she said.

In another situation, a friend shared a phone conversation she had with her adult son. She wanted to know his feelings about the coronavirus. “Oh! I’m not worried at all,” he exclaimed offhandedly, “it only kills old people!” My friend and her husband are in their late seventies. “That’s us,” she said slowly. An uncomfortable silence fell between them.

Whenever we face a crisis, there  is a middle path between panic on the one hand and denial on the other. This means accepting reality while still staying genuinely calm. How do you do that?

Whether you know or not, you are an eternal being. Your body might die but your consciousness does not. Existential fear comes from not knowing who you really are and not realising that the beings in charge of this planet have a plan. All the challenges you face are happening for your expansion. You are here to learn and grow in wisdom. Denying and resisting what is happening just makes things harder. The key is accepting reality as it is. That means finding the trust to know that all is for the long-term, greater good.

But how?

By doing whatever you need to do to find that trust. Listening, reading, exploring, praying, meditating and asking for guidance. Hopefully we can all make time for doing that.

Here are a couple of simple examples of trust and purpose from two of my clients:


Tommy came to see me five years ago for a life between lives regression. A few months ago, he sent me an email. This is an extract of what he wrote, now shared with his permission.

Yesterday I was a little concerned as to the way the world was going as I have very little reserves that would do for my income as a self-employed electrician. I went for a walk along the beach front feeling a little sad for myself.

I then got a call for a simple job which turned out to be a good job. Then another call came in. You might remember my guide’s name was Abel, as in Cain and Abel, and he appeared with a half-blackened face. Well, while I was walking on the beach front, I thought about what he had told me, that I would never go without what I need.

When I arrived at that second job, to my surprise the street name was “ABLE.” That is close enough to a reassuring sign for me.” 

Tommy knows he is being looked after no matter what happens. His trust will keep him calm whatever unfolds.

Here is another example:


Sally, who you met before in the grocery store story, came see me looking to understand her purpose this life. She was struggling with a negative, controlling, micromanaging boss. In this job, she has clients who she regularly visits. Whenever the boss wants to see her, he demands she cancel any conflicting client appointment. “My time is more important than theirs,” he insists.

Sally was head-hunted for her present job and, although she has applied for other jobs, no job has been offered. She doesn’t exactly know why, but after so many futile job applications, she senses she is meant to stay in her present job.

I feel that work is a great distraction from how I want to be, and I don’t know how to assimilate the two lifestyles. How can I best integrate my life purpose into my work life?

During the regression, we explore this fear of aggression that feels like a constant threat. At any time, her emotionally insecure boss could demand something of her that is difficult and challenging, especially to her belief in the right way to do things.

In the session. we discover her fear goes all the way back to a past life where the same soul of her current boss was a man who had the power of life and death over her. We work through the emotions of the past life and Sally finds a more positive perspective on the past life, with a focus on its benefits and lessons.

I suggest that any time Sally feels intimidated by her current boss, she recall the past life and implement what she learned from it. The awareness of this connection and her innate power automatically frees her. She knows that anyone who acts like her boss does is not really powerful at all. Underneath he is weak and insecure and that is why he has to throw his weight around. She also knows she has many options as these were thoroughly explored and accepted during our session.

Free and confident, she knows she can carry on with her work as she always enjoyed helping her clients. Her skills and positive personal power are an asset to her clients and the organisation. Now Sally knows she is exactly where she needs to be.


Covid-19 infection has been challenging for many people. Some countries have been overwhelmed by it, suffering many casualities, others suffered economic hardship but avoided overwhelming their medical system and many deaths. There will always be loss in one form or another, whatever we do. Our only power is how we respond. Do we respond with fear or do we respond with calm and confidence?

Fear is the motivator behind denial and anxiety. There is a personal history behind each person’s fearfulness and this history can be uncovered. This is the journey within. Although this journey takes determination and courage, it is tremendously worthwhile.  You gain self-awareness, inner peace and the knowledge that you are always loved and looked after.


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