With several other authors, I was recently asked to participate in a book reading. I was surprised at how many authors lack confidence when presenting. Their lack of confidence was obvious and sad to watch, given that they had written well received books that had been accepted by publishers.

Although their books might come alive when we read them ourselves, listening to some authors reading their own books left me feeling flat. They spoke softly, stumbled over words, and they failed to project the energy and the essence of the words they were reading.

Why don’t they get some help? I wondered. Or had they tried to solve their lack of confidence and hit a brick wall? If so, I knew they need to go deeper.

I have also noticed, in friends, acquaintances and others, a tendency to complain and blame. Few people seem to realise that our point of power is always ourself. That is where we need to look to make our world more comfortable.

Feeling miserable with the world and others is never going to change a thing. We need to look at our inner nature to change the nature of our world. How we feel about ourselves at a deep level is of prime importance. If we are weighed down with past baggage, even unconsciously, we will struggle through life.

A number of clients came to see me recently because they found an article on the Internet that I wrote a couple of years ago. I have never posted this article because it was a paid assignment. But, until recently, I had never linked to it either.

These clients found what I ‘d written very useful as it points out the sort of issues that indicate we’re carrying unnecessary baggage. If we don’t release our historical emotional stresses, we are sabotaging ourselves and wasting our energy. Without realising why, we can inadvertently make ourselves less effective and even ill.   

I love nothing more than helping my clients release their past baggage. It is extremely uplifting for them and greatly satisfying for me. Being able to help others is the reason I have suffered in my past lives and in my childhood this life. It has given me the impetus to study, as well as the experience and understanding that is needed to be of useful service to others.

Helping to release and uplift others has made my journey all worthwhile. Naturally, I would like to do my best to help others find this freeing power.

Here is the article that is helping others understand what they need:

10 Signs of an Unresolved Past Life

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