Book Launch

Book Launch

Today it is two years (22nd Sept. 2016) since Michael Newton departed for his life between lives. I thought it fitting to let you know about a new book with which he was involved.

The book is Lewellyn’s Little Book of Life Between Lives which will be launched on the 1st of October, 2018,

This is a great book for anyone interested in past life or life between lives regression. By using interesting cases, it explains the process in detail, including the preparation, the hypnotic process, what the past life is like and the places you can go in the life between lives. Because it is a small book with an attractive hard cover, it is a great gift for anyone interested in past lives or life between lives.

I am a member of the Research Committee of the Michael Newton Institute, There are four of us and we are the authors of this book. Many of the cases in the book come from my clients (with permission of course)..

Ann Clark, the Director of the Research Committee, spoke to Michael Newton a few months before he passed. He had been asked by Llewellyn, the publisher of his books, to write this book. Because he trusted the work the Research Committee had already done, he asked Ann if she could take on the writing of the book. He was not in the best of health at the time. She promised him the Research Committee members would write the book. Sadly, Michael passed over before it was finished.

You can pre-order the book now, either with your  local bookstore or the link below. If you have any problems getting it, please let me know.

Here is the link


Why post: Can you help?

Why post: Can you help?


When you signed up at one of the Spirit Festivals for my blog, I promised I wouldn’t post too much. As you might have noticed, I have kept this promise. I have hardly posted at all. A few people have noted this and suggested I do more posts. But before I started, I needed to think more deeply about why I haven’t been posting.

I am writing several books, some for a USA publisher on behalf of The Newton Institute and two that will be submitted under my own name. These books use client cases. Publishers require unpublished material. This has inhibited me from writing about cases in my blogs. I can use a case twice provided the words written are different. I take my commitments seriously so this means tracking all that is written. Possible, but time consuming and complicated.

So what should I be writing about in my blogs? What would people like to know? I have come up with a couple of ideas.

I have spent the last twenty-five years focussing on recovery, recovering the parts of myself lost in the struggle to survive, not just in this life but also in other lives. Shamans have a name for this process, “calling the spirit back.” The idea is to become whole. Interestingly the word “holy” comes from this concept. I make no claim to be enlightened but I am endeavouring to live an enlightened life, choosing to do my best to overcome many challenges. I thought I would share some of my journey with you.

From 1998 to 2008, I was a regular contributing writer for The Courier Mail, Queensland’s major newspaper. At the time, I was a private practising psychologist named Karen Nixon and I wrote from that perspective. Although I wrote feature articles from time to time, mostly I had a column where I answered client’s questions. This was fun. I enjoyed answering questions using my experience with my psychology clients, clients who taught me a great deal. Readers seemed to enjoy this approach too and I developed quite a following.

I wonder if you have any questions you would like answered. Past life and life between lives regressions give us much information about life and the Afterlife. I would like to share some of this wisdom with you, focussed on your needs and curiousity. All you need to do is ask. You can email me via the contact page on this website. When useful, I will still refer to client cases, with clients’ permission, of course.  I am very fortunate that ninety-nine percent of clients give me permission to anonymously use their cases when they fill out their intake form.

These are my ideas about the content for my blog. I am interested in any ideas you have and anything you would like to know. Please comment below or contact me via my contact page if anything comes to mind. I would love you to share your thoughts and ideas.

Thank you!



The Winners

CL Festival pic2015

Here are the winners of our competition at the

Conscious Life Festival



Life Between Lives Regression and Past Life Regression Value $800

Lisa Clissold 


Past Life Regression Value $300

Shane Stevenson 


Past Life Regression Value $300

Catherine Finch


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We will have more competitions for our mailing list subscribers in the future.

Mind Body Spirit Festival Competition

Congratulations to our Winners




First Prize: A Past Life Regression and a Life-Between-Lives Regression

The winner is Rebecca S

Second Prize: A Past Life Regression

The winner is Megan S

Third Prize: A Past Life Regression

The winner is Rose I


We would like to thank the 333 people who signed up to receive our newsletters and be in our competition. We like to hold these competitions from time to time. The people who have won in the past have had some wonderful experiences. In fact one gave me permission to use her interesting case in my book, Other Lives, Other Realms.

Our next blog, due out in a few weeks, will address the issue of Karma. Is there such a thing as Karma? What have people in regressions discovered about Karma? Do we need to worry about creating bad Karma.

Watch out for this interesting take on Karma in our upcoming blog.


Excitement at the Mind, Body Spirit Festival

Thank you to all who signed up for our Newsletter

at the Mind, Body Spirit Festival

Our stand at the festival

Our stand at the festival

There was a great positive energy at the festival. I felt it around our Life Between Lives Regression stand where I met some wonderful people.

There is nothing nicer than meeting people of a like mind. We live in a world where most people are focussed on the material world. Of course it is  important to have nice things and do well in this wonderful world. But for some of us, our spiritual development is also a very high priority. These are the people I met at our stand. Many of you have explored different ways to find your purpose and to learn to love unconditionally. I applaud you all and have great respect for your sacred journey.

Three people will get the opportunity to further their journeys  when we draw our competition winners. We are really looking forward to guiding these people on their journey to their other lives. We will contact the winners and announce their first names.

The competition for first prize of a past life regression and a life-between-lives regression, second prize of a past life regression and third prize of a past life regression will be drawn tomorrow.

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