Life Between Lives Regression

A Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression is often life changing. You are accessing a larger part of yourself sometimes called your wise-self, your higher self, your soul-self or your true self. This is the part of you that is eternal, the part that is always connected to you, whether you know it or not, whether you open that connection or close it. It is the part that makes plans for your life on Earth, sometimes intervening on your behalf when you are in mortal danger or get off track. This is part that always loves you no matter what you do.

When you undertake a Life Between Lives Regression  your spiritual guide and other high-level beings are guiding you. They know what you need, and they deliver. I am amazed how the regression proceeds, often in unusual order, sometimes entering at mid-life, or the end, or even after the person has died. The client and I are often confused. We don’t really know where we are going as the regression unfolds bit by bit. This can also happen when reliving a past life.

As we continue, you are given more experiences and more information until you start making startling connections. The journey begins to make sense. Current life events become meaningful and relationships are more clearly understood. Blocks are removed, advice is given, and you move forward with a deep understanding of your path and purpose.

One of the most profound experiences you can have during a regression is the love that pours into your body from those who love you, including your guides, your eternal larger self and other high-level beings, such as your Council of Elders.

. Many people visit their soul group, souls with whom they incarnate over many lifetimes. Meeting missed loved ones who have passed is a most moving experience.

There can be moments when you are so light, so blissful, so innocent and yet, so complete, you feel like a joy-filled, carefree child.

What else can happen during a life between lives regression?

You can be taken to a place of rest and restoration. Some experience this as peaceful darkness, soft light or nothingness. Others experience as being in a magical place of healing. Sometimes the stillness occurs at the beginning of a regression. The guides may be recalibrating your nervous system to prepare you so you are more open and able to proceed.

You may visit a library, but a library that is like no others. Although it is a place of learning, it can present in many different forms. Your guide might give you a book that represents the whole of your life journey through many lifetimes. Llewellyn’s Little Book of Life between lives and one case in Other Lives, Other Realms describe the nature of the library on the other side.


You might visit other planets or float out in space amongst all the beauty of the stars and cosmos. Some people expand into limitlessness, feeling as if they are All That Is. Others feel as if they are part of a large web of interconnectedness. Some feel blissful and complete.


You will may visit wise elders who care about you and your progress as a soul. Most likely they will answer your questions. Sometimes, your guide provides the answers and other times the client receives the answers directly.


The most important quality you need for a regression is trust, trust in your therapist and trust in your ability to to be open and receptive. I am with you, helping you open up and connect to your guide and wise beings. These ones guided you to see me. They want to help you on this challenging journey on planet Earth.

I am your guide and your safety and comfort is my highest priority. I gently show you how to relax your body and calm the chatter of your conscious mind so you your focus shifts and you can travel into the realms of your superconscious where the information you seek resides.


Once you book in for your session/s, I send you information to help you prepare for your journey. You have people you might want to meet on the other side and questions you want answered.

You’ve heard before that the answers are within you. This is so, but most people need help accessing this information that comes from your inner wisdom, your higher self, your spirit guides and other wise beings

You are always given what you need, as the guides promise. And often all that you wish to know. It is important to remember that every regression is different. The session is designed by your guides for you specifically. It is important to have as few expectations as possible, apart from knowing you will get what you need.

Even though we use the word “regression” to go to your past lives and life between lives, it is not really about going back in time. In fact, you are experiencing everything from present eyes. By present eyes, I mean your current perspective. Your view of events and relationships change over time. As you gather more information and grow, your point of view changes. Your understanding deepens. Even though you might be reliving a past life, you utilise all the resources and understandings you have gathered since that time. For example, you use your current language and idioms to describe your experience.

While, overtime, your viewpoint widens to see the bigger picture, you also drill down to into the detail, becoming more aware of the nuances in situations. You are able to see the truth in people’s behaviour and proceedings. Expansion of this calibre can happen during a regression. Your eyes open. Now, you realise you were looking through a particular prism that has since expanded to include other important aspects.

Your regression is recorded. Playing this recording can take you back to the peace,  joy and insights you found in the Life Between Lives state and it will continue to enlighten you for as long as you continue to listen to it.
Some people transcribe the audio recording so they can easily be reminded of salient points. A life between lives used to take four to five hours, but the energies are changing and now three hours is usually enough to accomplish all you need, particularly when you have prepared by undertaking a past life regression at least a day beforehand. Michael Newton recommended doing a past life regression as the best approach to a life between lives regression.

You will know when the time is right to make a commitment to embark upon this important journey.

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