No one can decide this question for you. You need to do the research and undertake experiences that help you decide whether or not you have had past lives.

When someone is regressed into a past life, they usually feel deeply connected to the character they are being in the past life. They say it “feels like it is me.” Even so, some people still wonder if they are just using their imagination and making it all up. For most, it takes time and a number of profound experiences for people to know they have experiences other lives.

There is objective evidence for past lives.

The late Professor Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia spent forty years systematically researching children who remember past lives. Professor Stevenson interviewed children who remembered their previous homes, their names and the names of their families. When these families were found, the children could easily identify who each member of the previous family was, and could give the family members’ correct names.

By the end of his career, Professor Stevenson had documented over 2,500 cases. Before he retired, he gave a lecture summarizing his work. Watch his thirty minute lecture below:


Dr Robert Almeder, a philosopher from Georgia State University, discovered Dr Stevenson’s work and checked his research. Dr Almeder found  that Dr Stevenson’s research was systematic and impeccable. He challenges the current practice of psychology to accept reincarnation as a genuine phenomenon. Watch Dr Almeder talk about this below:



The Monroe Institute was set up by Robert Monroe after he spontaneously started going out of body in the 1950s. He subjectively researched his personal experiences and then started researching the experiences of his subjects while in other states of consciousness.

During Bob Monroe’s subjective research and his research at the institute, Bob discovered that humans experience many lives on planet Earth before moving on.  He and others have written a number of books about their out of body experiences.

Watch below Bob being interviewed about his out of body experience long after his first book, Journeys Out Of the Body, was published.


Dr Thomas Campbell, a physicist, now retired, who worked for NASA and the USA Defence Department, helped Bob with his research at the Monroe Institute.

I was fortunate to meet Dr Campbell and do one of his workshops in 2017. One of the exercises he conducted turned out to be a profound experience for me.

Even though Dr Campbell is a scientist and physicist, he wanted to learn to control the process of going out of body. He was determined to learn as much as he could about the nature of reality.  

Dr Campbell discovered that the universe is much larger, diverse and complex than most scientists had ever imagined. He developed his  theory of everything and wrote his book, My Big Toe (Theory of Everything). – in other words, his theory of the nature of our cosmic system.

He has a number of lectures on YouTube including one explaining reincarnation. However you might find his ideas more easy to understand if you watch one of his entire lectures. He explains his ideas clearly and carefully so that the ordinary public can understand the nature of our universe.

The talk he gave in 2010 at The Monroe Institute is particularly informative. Watch the first episode (0/12) of this talk below before you proceed to listen to the rest of this talk if it interests you. He gives the best layperson’s explanation of the the Double Slit Experiment  of Quantum Physics that I have seen.


Dr Michael Newton, our mentor and founder of The Michael Newton Institute, was a clinical psychologist who stumbled on past lives when he was regressing a client to the origin of her problem. He was amazed how effective accessing a past life was in resolving her psychological problems. Intrigued, he continued to research past lives and life between lives in great detail.  He has written two best sellers about what he discovered, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.

Dr Newton explains below how he first came to research past lives and life in between lives:


Dr Brian Weiss, a psychiatrist, used age-regression, hypnotherapy techniques in his practice with clients. He also accidentally stumbled on past lives with a client. He saw how effective this process was and continued working with her exploring many lives. Dr Weiss wrote a book about that experience with his client, Katherine, called Many Lives Many Masters. It became a best seller and still is.

Watch Dr Weiss answer questions about reincarnation and past lives below:

To come to your own view about the existence of past lives, you need to do research, both objective and subjective. Here I have given you a number of links and references above that could be very helpful for your objective research.

Your subjective research may include personal experiences, (e.g. dreams or self-induced past life hypnosis), practitioner guided past life regression, Monroe Institute programs or other transcendental experiences.

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