…cleared confusions that clouded my mind so long.

I live in Adelaide and having heard about Karen Joy, my wife wanted me to book a ‘past life regression’ session with her. As Karen lives in Brisbane, we decided to do this session over the Internet. Although I had my apprehension about using video conference, I can say that the experience was far better than what I would have imagined in a face to face experience. 

Karen made me feel very comfortable.  Her direction prior to the meeting and just before going into trance helped tremendously. It helped me trust my first instinctive vision/feeling or thought and dispelled all doubts. I felt a very profound experience during the session and this has opened up my life to whole lot of new opportunities and cleared confusions that clouded my mind for so long.

It has been few weeks now after the session and I feel more comfortable making daily decisions and I have a new found clarity which is helping me move forward. Needless to say, a lot of unanswered questions have been answered and my fears have subsided. I thank Karen for this ‘spiritual experience’. Atikai

I have discovered a self-love that I never knew existed…

…everything has been going very fast. I guess this is what happened when you remember who you are. I have embraced myself fully and discovered a self-love that I never knew existed. I feel so grateful for it and have been on this amazing life journey full of love and experience. Third eye and connection to spirits have been stronger than ever. I have met and connected with wonderful people along the way and it is not over. This feels me with so much joy and the challenges of life don’t feel so hard anymore, such a question of perspective. Yvette

I felt very emotionally safe…

My Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression experience with Karen was pretty amazing. I felt very emotionally safe with Karen and I got into the process in a relaxed way very quickly. Her style and pace was perfect for the level of calm and inner peace required for the process. I didn’t know what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised about the insights and the presence of mind it left me with afterwards. I have recommended to several of my friends that they give this process a go and have recommended Karen to them. Rachel


My feeling most days that life is just too much for me is gone.

Hi Karen
Thanks for sending me the notes and audio of my regression. I have started reading your book and was amazed at how much information some people get. Even though I received less it has had a major impact on my life. The wounded child I have been carrying around for years has been healed. My dreams are different and not leaving me exhausted upon awaking. My feeling most days that life is just too much for me has gone. I also don’t have the urge to overeat as much.
The regression plus the effect of my parents coming through a couple of mediums recently has had a great overall result.
Thank you for guiding me through the regression in a relaxed and confident way. Margaret

I am now more open, more positive, more confident and more at peace.

I was definitely a sceptic when I had the opportunity to do a Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression with Karen Joy, but I was a curious sceptic so I went ahead. I had last seen my mother many years ago. At that time she was dying and when I visited her, she sat up and looked at me with hate. I thought she hated me because I had to leave. In the Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression, my mother unexpectedly turned up. My guide must have led me to her. Connecting with her during the regression, I realised that what I saw in her eyes, so many years ago, was not hate at all. She was in pain, and when she sat up, the pain showed in her eyes. She wanted to sit up so I would have a positive memory of her. Her love and thoughts were for me. My father was a hard man and I never felt loved by him. During the regression, I suddenly recalled an experience where I nearly died as a small child. I saw, in my father’s eyes, a great fear of losing me. I understood now why he shut down his feelings toward me. He was trying to avoid that fear and the pain of loss. He had loved me. He just covered it up. The regression gave me the experience of feeling the full love of my parents, a love I had always doubted. This new understanding has had a profound effect on me. I am now more open, more positive, more confident and more at peace. I am not so sceptical any more and that is based on the results of my trip to the other side that Karen Joy so expertly facilitated. Michael

And joy of joys, so far I haven’t had a backache – first time in ages.

Thank you Karen for sending those notes. After reading I have been experiencing it all again and am so grateful to you for your assistance. Also since I’ve been home here I still feel that wonderful joy I was experiencing with the ‘elders’ and hope it continues ? !!!!!! And joy of joys, so far I haven’t had a back ache today/this evening – first time in ages, so you just never know – may I dare hope for a healing? You betcha!!
Thankyou once again for the whole process and looking forward to reading your book. Good luck with that.
Wild, unbounded joy and gratitude, Love, Beth

The information has flowed more and more easily…

Each of my regressions with Karen have moved me further along on my soul journey. The first, a Past Life Regression three years ago, revealed a challenging life that resolved some loneliness and anger that I was holding. It took me nearly a year to process all that arose in that life. My Life Between Lives Regression took me deeper into buried hurt and anger, giving me a great deal of wisdom about my soul journey and my relationships with people. Afterwards, I felt more connected to those I love, becoming a better husband and son. The third regression released issues from my childhood that I didn’t even know were there. This regression completely resolved the problems in my relationship with my son. Our relationship changed so much, and so positively, that I watched this young adult resolve some of his own issues and grow much stronger and secure as a result. My most recent regression took me into other realms, showing me how I am a part of the whole universe, how much I am loved and how little I need to be afraid of anything. With each regression, my trust has grown and the information has flowed more and more easily and beautifully. At last, I am really starting to fall in love with life. Paul


I felt I had been given “the missing piece of the puzzle”

I decided to try the Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression with Karen after having previously experienced two Past Life Regressions with her. I felt that the process of “getting in the space” was quick and easy and Karen made me feel completely safe and open about my experience. The time I was there felt like minutes, but it was actually hours and I had the most amazing experience. I felt I had been given “the missing piece of the puzzle” about why I behaved the way I did and why I was who I was. The experience has allowed me to be more accepting of who I am as a person. I had a deep insight into a major life change which has led me to explore a creative option which I would have thought I was never capable of doing. The Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression session with Karen changed my life! I have found a deep connection to myself and an inner happiness that is finally being fulfilled. Thank you Karen. Jen

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