The Newton Institute

The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy (MNI) was formed in 2002.

Dr Michael Newton was a Clinical Psychologist who used hypnotherapy in his practice. One day he regressed a client to the “origin of the problem” and found the client accessed a past life. Dr Newton investigated this phenomena because of the amazing change in the client’s life. One day, some years later, a client regressed to her life between lives, a state also called “our spirit home” or the “afterlife.”

The importance of the Newton Institute

Over forty years Dr Newton conducted thousands of Life Between Lives Spiritual Regressions. He experimented with different approaches until he understood the process perfectly.

He had a waiting list of three years and was coming to a time in his life when he wanted to retire. The Institute was set up to train carefully-chosen, qualified hypnotherapists in his tried and tested process so the important work he was doing could continue.

The Newton Institute provides the only authenticated training in Life Between Lives hypnotherapy.

TNI provides a network of fully qualified and experienced hypnosis professionals who can be relied upon to facilitate a Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression hypnotherapy session. They are all listed on the The Newton Institute website.

Certified LBL Therapists

TNI is guided by a strict code of ethics which binds every member to the highest standards of practice and behavior. The institute runs their affairs in accordance with their By-Laws and every decision is properly ratified by a board consensus.

TNI maintains continuing professsional development among members with a group forum for discussion and growth.

The Newton Institute is a ‘non-profit’ organization.

When you are considering who to would be the best trained and most experienced therapist for a Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression session, you can be sure that this organization has the highest professional principals and will provide the best service.

Here is the link to the Michael Newton Institute

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