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By Barb Crowley.

Where have you been on your soul journey? How can you accept and transcend the post traumatic stress that you carry from your past lives, especially your past lives as a dark soul? Remnants of these traumas are playing out in your current life. Have we had lives as ‘Lost Souls’? At what cost and what have we learned?  

Karen Joy will talk about the arc of our soul development from innocence through our ‘dark night of the soul’ until we emerge into light and wisdom.  Karen challenges us to fully realize that our brightest light shines through our deepest darkness. As we grow as souls, we will eventually understand the purpose of our lives and find meaning in our challenges, ultimately feeling grateful for all we have learned.

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From Fear to Fire Podcast

Karen is interviewed by Heather Hansen O’Neill about Soul WIsdom.

In your daily life, you have a lot of different things to remember. Sometimes when things do get busy, it’s easy to lose sight of your soul, which is what matters most. Taking the time to allow yourself to experience your emotions but not allowing them to control you is a wisdom of the soul.

It’s possible that recalling certain events will bring up old traumas, but you can take action to prevent this. Instead of fighting it, simply take a few deep breaths and let it go. Your present state is significant. We’re here to find the balance between being spiritually focused and being grounded. The challenges help us learn how to be on this planet.

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Just before Karen’s new book, Lost Soul, Wise Soul: How Challenging Past Lives Shape Our Future was released, Simon Bown interviewed Karen on his Past Lives Podcast. Simon was reading the book at the time and said he found it “very interesting.” He said he had many questions he wanted to ask. Simon likes asking questions that other interviewers and podcasts often miss. Because this was episode 194 of his Past Lives Podcast, he has a lot of knowledge on past life regressions and is a skilled interviewer.

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Podcast Emotional Detox

At the beginning of 2022, Sherianna Boyle of the Emotional Detox Podcast interviewed Karen Joy about her past life regression practice and her new book Lost Soul, Wise Soul; How Challenging Past Lives Shape Our Future. They discuss how we have opportunities to address our emotional reactivity and the importance of finding the right therapist to help us do so, as well as other issues.

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 Video from Helping Parents Heal

In late 2020, Karen Joy spoke to a number of people in USA who are members of Helping Parents HeaL.

Helping Parents Heal was created to help parents (and other loved ones) come to terms with the death  their child or children. We all know this is one of the most challenging experiences we can face in our journey on Earth. Many members of Helping Parents Heal have a spiritual perspective but the group is very open, gentle, understanding and welcoming of all beliefs.

It was a pleasure to speak to these lovely, brave people.



Podcast Fit for Joy with Valeria

In 2021, Karen was intervied by Valeria Teles for her podcast, Fit for Joy. Karen discusses loss, death and trauma. In particular she speaks about the meaning and background to post traumatic stress disorder which is characterized by over reaction.

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Past Lives Podcast 

In 2020, Karen was interviewed by Simon Bown on his well-known Past Lives Podcast. Over the years, Simon has interviewed many authors about their books, including people such as Eben Alexander, Raymond Moody, Robert Swartz and Carol Bowman. In this episode, Karen speaks about her book Other Lives, Other Realms: Journeys of Transformation, recounting how she transitioned from psychological counselling into doing past life and life betwee lives regressions, as well as sharing some cases and the nature of past life regressions generally.

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