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Where our #soul really wants to go is the great mystery we are here to discover.

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My books have fantastic reviews on Amazon. "This book is a comprehensive view of past life and between life regressions as experienced by a wide variety of patients. It is heartwarming, encouraging and possibly life-changing."

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Listen to my latest episode where I talk to Nick, who explains how #regressions helped him to discover the source of his anger and how it was resolved.

Most people wonder about the answer to this question sometime during their life. Some people feel certain life goes on after death. Others are sure that death is the end. And many just do not know.

My second podcast episode is out now.

In this episode, my guest Nick shares his experiences of reliving a challenging past life and of visiting his life between lives.

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My new book will be released in February 2022. If you are interested in how challenging past lives can shape our future, you have enjoyed my past books, or are just interested in my work, please subscribe to receive updates on my new book as they happen.

The spirit world has been around for many thousands of years or more! New Age beliefs have expanded from individuals becoming aware of non-physical worlds.

My introductory podcast is here!

Take a listen to how I came to be a past life and life between lives guide and for a little taste of my first few episodes.

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