Transpersonal Journey

A transpersonal journey is not quite the same as past life or life between lives regression. Our intention for each regression is slightly different. Embarking on a past life regression our major objective is to revisit a past life. In a life between lives regression, we are focussed on visiting the afterlife and having our questions answered.  In the transpersonal journey, we have a different objective, which can take us to a past life, the afterlife, our current life or something never experienced before.

Generally, our focus in the transpersonal journey addresses either the client’s most significant issue/s or the achievement of a particular desire. In the former case, we ask spirit guides and wise inner guidance to uncover the origin of the problems and the path to resolution. In regard to creating a desired outcome, we are focus on removing any unconscious inner blocks that are in our way.

On a transpersonal journey, you could go to a past life, your life between lives, a scenario from your current life or, in fact, anywhere your higher self or spirit guides know would be beneficial for you, your highest good and the highest good of all.

Spiritual guides help you access information and past experiences that elucidate the issues. You are guided to a deeper understanding that makes novel connections and creates a new perspective of the issue and its relationship with your current life. Once these blocks are removed, you can move forward with your life and purpose.

When we come to Earth, we embark on a journey with no map or manual. Although we made a plan before arriving, it is forgotten. Challenges come our way. Some we overcome easily and with some, we struggle. Sometimes we feel confused, afraid or unsure of our direction. Other times we want a different life to the one we are living but struggle to achieve our goals.



Life is about flow. We want to keep moving, making progress. Like a stream, we don’t mind if there are a few rocks in the way, we can find a way around those. But big boulders are more difficult and if we are dammed up, the flow stops. We want our blocks removed. We want our life flowing again.



A transpersonal Journey helps orientate us. The knowledge obtained can help map where we are in our life, discerning whether we are on track or not, discovering the nature of the impediments in our way, dismantling the issues that are causing us stress and holding us back. 

When we realise that life is not moving forward in the way we want. We want to know how to get moving again. We don’t usually realise that the block offers us an opportunity, the opportunity to learn. Usually we are unaware of the complex nature of the block or where it has come from. Has it come from a past life? Is our plan flawed? Are we off track? Or are there issues from our current life getting in the way? We are keen to create a positive life, achieve our life purpose and reach our goals.


We approach a transpersonal journey as a mystery. We are like detectives following the clues. We focus on the issues, the associated emotions, and begin exploring. I am you guide as well as an investigator but I am not the only one.



Your spiritual guides on the other side are helping too. They know you well. They connect and help open your inner intuition, surfacing the images, ideas, impressions and thoughts that present as  clues we follow.

A transpersonal journey is an appropriate choice when you have some unhelpful thoughts, emotions, issues or challenges in your life that you want addressed, not being sure how to resolve them. Usually I use the process of hypnosis but this is not absolutely necessary. According to research, ten percent of people are unable to be hypnotised. No worries as  there are other ways to uncover unconscious limiting beliefs and issues that block.

The general aim of a Transpersonal Journey is to begin developing a higher perspective on your life and experiences to help you feel lighter and free. Although each person has a unique experience, here are some links: One link is to an example of a transpersonal journey. Another is to a page about hypnosis and the other to the cost of a transpersonal journey.


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