Past Life Regressions

The fundamental idea of a Past Life Regression is based on an assumption. It assumes you have had experiences in different physical bodies before your current life. This also means you existed before you were born and you exist after you die.

Perhaps you wonder if this could be true.

Some people undertake a Past Life Regression even when they are unsure about the existence of past lives. In this case, the major requirement is being only mildly sceptical and open to many possibilities. Having rigid beliefs or definate ideas in your life can make the past life regression more difficult to access. Fortunately, most people are open and are able to set aside any doubts during the session.

How do you know, absolutely that you have lived before? This is entirely up to you. You decide subjectively if this is true or not. For more information about reincarnation read my post: Do We Have Past Lives?

During you life, you might have noticed that you react to some places on a first encounter. This feels very strange when you know you have never been to that particular place before. This happened to me when I first went to Dresden in Germany. My sense of having been there before was so strong, I was wracking my brain, trying to work out if I could have been to this city in my current life. But I hadn’t. Later, during a regression, I discovered I had trained there in my previous life as a German soldier. For me this strange feeling was evidence for the existence of past lives.

Even people who hold a belief in past lives occasionally think that they made it all up with their imagination. And this is fine. Experiencing a past life regression can be greatly beneficial whether you accept it as absolute truth or not.

When you embark on a past life regression, you arrive in a past life a scenario of some sort.

You might find yourself in a valley or high up in the mountains.




Or you might suddenly be in a scene by the beach or a in a sparse, endless desert.

You might discover you are a sad lady of wealth, position and privilege.




Or you might be a happy, tribal woman living in circumstances of hard work, struggle and seasonal poverty.



You might be a wary cowboy living in the new frontier of the American West.



Or a confident gentlemen living well in the nineteenth century.

Your circumstances change from life to life. If, like many, you experience or learn about several of your past lives, you will discover this first hand.

Some people see clear visions, while many expeience impressions or gain a sense of things. It can also come in thoughts, ideas and feelings.

Each person experiences a past life regression session differently and every experience is unique. This is why it is important to minimise your expectations and stay open. Some people relive the life fully, completely immersed in what is happening. Others sense being bi-located. They are in the past life, reporting what is happening, while being aware of their current life at the same time. 

Some people never get to a past life even though that is what they want. I cannot promise that you will experience a past life simply because I do not know what is best for you. Only your wise inner self and your spirit guides know this. They decide what you receive. They have somehow guided you to me and I trust whatever it is you receive is right for you at this time. I suggest you also take this approach.

Some people have issues in their current life that are more pressing than visiting a past life. When this is the case, I use my skills and experience to help you. Your session is not wasted, however, instead it becomes more like a Transpersonal Journey which can be very helpful. For more information on Transpersonal Journeys click here.

However you experience the session, the wisdom you gain and the emotions you feel create the greatest impact on you and your journey through life.

I am well experienced at guiding you through your session, helping you discover what happened and resolving any traumatic events comfortably.

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