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 Listed below are the fees and details of the different sessions I offer. Click the button on the right of each bar to access more information.Please read the details carefully so you can work out what you prefer and set your intention. The spiritual guides tell us you will get what you need. If you book one session, say a past life regression, and then later think you need a transpersonal journey, just let me know when you come for your appointment. I can easily adapt. If you have checked out the material on the website and need more information or advice, I encourage you to call or email me. I am happy to help. If you decide to make an appointment, you will book through an online booking system. Prices are in Australian dollars. More information is below.

Transpersonal Journey $550

A Transpersonal Journey usually takes 3 hours. A Transpersonal Journey might be your choice when you are not sure what you need.

You might have one or more specific issues that are your focus. For example, you might be unsure of a relationship or what is your next step forward. You might suffer some anxiety, anger or depression. You might be unsure of the cause or, if you are aware of the problem, you don’t know how to address it. You might be experiencing unwanted patterns in your current life and want to be free. A transpersonal journey can help with most issues.

A Transpersonal Journey is guided by your higher self, spirit guides or inner wise self – whatever term works for you. You might revisit a past life, your life between lives or your current life. You might need hypnosis or not. There are many ways to address what you need. No matter how your journey unfolds, you receive what is most needed at this point in time.

A few people need more than one session, but most don’t. If you sense a need for two sessions, you can take advantage of the special offer.

For more information on Transpersonal Journey, click here.

Past Life Regression $550

Your Past Life Regression (PLR) usually takes three hours. I allow enough time during your session to discuss the process, set your intention and enable you to go into the trance.  Past Life Regressions are explained in in more detail in this link: Past Life Regression

Life Between Lives Regression $550

Life Between Lives Regression is 3 hours. Michael Newton expected his clients to do a Past Life Regression  before undertaking the Life Between Lives Regression. The two sessions can be taken on consequetive days or even a year or so apart. However to access the Two Session Package, you need to book them to take place within three months of each other.

If you can only afford one, I suggest doing the Past Life Regression and mentioning your desire to visit your Life Between Lives as well. This sometimes happens during the past life session anyway, but it is cannot be guaranteed as your guides decide what is best for you.

Note that you can book for the Two Session Package, below, which gives you two separate sessions (PLR & LBL) of up to 3 hours each for a reduced fee. In order to take advantage of this offer there is a time limit of maximum 3 months between sessions.

Some practitioners offer a 5 hour LBL session. I do not. It takes energy to stay focussed in the LBL for that amount of time, especially with the emotions most clients surface. I have found the 3 hour LBL session when coupled with the PLR has worked well for my clients. 

Here is a link that explains more on the nature of a Life Between Lives Regression.

SPECIAL: Two Session Package $990

This special price includes two separate sessions. Allow 3 hours for each as we usually we use the full 6 hours. The sessions are listed as a Past Life Regression and a Life Between Lives Regression, but you can actually use any combination of two sessions (eg PLRs or TPJ). You will see I charge full price ($550) for the first session and apply the discount to the second session, ($440).

Each regression must be done on different days and booked within three months of each other.

Doing the sessions a week apart or longer is preferable for some people but the two sessions can be done on consequetive days when necessary.

There is a reason I do not do the sessions on the same day. Often people experience heightened emotions during a regression and this can leave you feeling emotionally drained (in a good way). You need energy to stay connected to your guides, higher self and wise beings. We do the sessions on separate days so your energy remains high all through the session.

Keeping your energy high is one of the reasons I offer a 3 hour Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression. I find that people are accessing the trance state much more quickly now and that also makes the three hour session sufficient.

Please read the details above on Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Regression to be clear on this offer.

When you book an appointment, you will need to pay a $100 deposit. This is simple and done via Stripe a secure payment system.  I have checked it out thoroughly and  it is reliable and secure. It does not store your details unless you give it permission. With Stripe, you can use a debit or credit card or direct debit. To book, click on one of the links at the bottom of the information on this page. You will see you need to choose whether you want an in-person appointment or one via Zoom.  

You also need to indicate your time zone. Make sure you choose the time zone where you WILL BE when you have the session – not necessarily the place where you are now, while making the appointment. For example, if you are in Sydney when making the appointment, but will be travelling to Queensland for an in person appointment, please choose the Brisbane time zone. This is important as you might end up with the wrong appointment time in your confirmation email and then be late for your session.

You can change your appointment after booking if needed. You do this by logging back into your booking. The link is in the email you are sent after booking. Make sure you log in to the appointment you want to change so you do not need to pay again. If you have any problems, you can contact me. Usually, available appointments are a few weeks ahead due to positive demand for these sessions but occasionally you might fine a gap where someone has rescheduled.

Once you have booked, paid the deposit and filled out the Intake Form, you will receive an confirmation email with a link. That link will take you to a page with helpful information on preparation and details on paying any balance before your appointment. Before your appointment, you will receive other emails and a text with more information and reminders. Please let me know if you do not want to receive the text. My fees are based on the time I spend with you so once I have conducted the session, there are no refunds. You can only change or cancel the appointment up until two days (48 hours) before the session.  If you do need to completely cancel your appointment and do so 48 hours or earlier (which is preferable) before your scheduled appointment, I can refund your deposit and any other payment, (less transaction costs). In that case, please email me with information on when you cancelled, when you paid, how you paid (Stripe, Paypal, direct debit) and all relevant payment details as I may not be able to refund you directly from the original payment source if you booked some time ago. 


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