I do both Past Life Regressions (Past Life Regression) and Life-Between-Lives Regressions (LBL). If you intend to do both, they are done separately on different days. I suggest doing them a week apart or longer but we can do them on successive days if necessary.

Past Life Regression

If you only wish to have a Past Life Regression, I allow enough time during your session to discuss the process, set your intention and enable you to go into the trance.

Life Between Lives Regression

If your objective is to experience a Life-Between-Lives Regression, you need to decide if you should have a  Past Life Regression beforehand. I recommend undertaking a PLR before doing a LBL Regression if you have never before experienced any of the following:

  • hypnotherapy,
  • regressions,
  • a past life.

Even if you have not experienced the above, you might be intuitive, psychic, a frequent meditator or open and trusting, and feel you could proceed directly to a Life Between Lives Regression. I am open to be guided by your thoughts and intuitive feelings about what is right for you.

Benefits of doing a PLR first

The Past Life Regression is an experience that brings necessary release from trauma and that can give you useful information. The information you gather from experiencing a PLR is usually explored in more detail during your LBL. To access the LBL state, we take you through a past life and death. However this past life is often brief as it is not our main focus in the Life Between Lives Regression. If hypnotherapy and regressions are a new or a little daunting, doing a focussed PLR is great preparation for the LBL Regression. It can help you iron out any blocks or resistance. Thus a PLR can make the LBL Regression more fluid, easy and effective, especially if you tend to be a bit skeptical, apprehensive or uncertain.

Duration of Regressions

When you make an appointment, allow up to 3 hours for a Past Life Regression and up to 5 hours for a Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression. These times include a discussion at the beginning and reflection at the end. Please realise that each individual is different and some achieve deep trance more quickly than others. We allow enough time to ensure you have a satisfying experience. The 4 to 5 hours Life Between Lives Regression is useful for those people who have read Michael Newtons books and want to go to several stations in their Life Between Lives. If your focus is specific issues in your current life, consider the special offer below.

Special Offer

PLR and LBL for $500

Recently people are obtaining trance more easily so I am offering a 3 hour Past Life Regression and a 3 hour Life Between Lives Regression as a package for $500. Each regression must be done on different days. This is because we can tire during the session and our connection upwards to the higher realms is more difficult to maintain when we are tired.

Hypnosis Session – shorter duration

Some people like to experience a hypnosis session of shorter duration. This is entirely reasonable and possible. Sessions of one, two or one and a half hours are available, charged at an hourly rate. Some people want to clear childhood issues. Some wish to clear issues that have been passed down their ancestral line. Some wish to become more familiar with the process of hypnosis. If you fall into these categories, please let me know when you make contact.


Cost of a Past Life Regression (3hrs) is $300.

Cost of a Life Between Lives Regression (5 hrs) is $500

My hourly rate is $120

Special Offer a 3 hour PLR and a 3 hour LBL for $500 (conducted on separate days).

Payment Methods

Methods of payment are by Paypal, cash or bank transfer. I will send you more information when you book a time. When you make a booking, I request a deposit of $100. You can change the time as long as you give me at least 48 hours notice. Because a regression takes so long, I need to know that you will be there. Often other clients are waiting to see me. Thank you!

Special Note

PLEASE NOTE: I also recommend you check the Newton Institute website to make sure your therapist is listed there. All certified members of the Newton Institute are listed on the website. Click here to go to the relevant page.


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