Other Lives, Other Realms

Journeys of Transformation

 I am lying in bed and Simon is holding my hand. He kisses me and I see tears in his eyes. He tells me he has no regrets. He loves me. I am beautiful to him. He is going to miss me…

Death is not the end. Other lives and other realms await us. Of these none is more miraculous than our life between lives, the realm we visit between incarnations.

Join with Karen as she shares over fifty stories that reveal the depth and breadth of past lives and the life between lives.

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Llewellyn’s Little Book of Life Between Lives

Would you like to journey into your life between lives?

This book was written specificially to give you that opportunity by the four members of  The Michael Newton Research Committee, Ann Clark, Karen Joy, Joanne Selinske and Marilyn Hargreaves. 

Michael Newton pioneered accesssing the life between lives and this has been updated with recent research and new previously unpublished cases. 

Each step of the journey into the life between lives is illustrated by many cases (many being Karen Joy’s clients). 

This illuminating book can take you on your own journey helped by exercises at the end of each chapter.

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Wisdom of Souls

Case Studies of Life Between Lives from the Michael Newton Institute. 

Wisdom of Souls was released in the USA in December 2019 and in Australia during February 2020.

This book contains many cases from over twenty members of The Newton Institute and was written by the the Research Committee, Ann Clark, Karen Joy, Joanne Selinske and Marilyn Hargreaves. 

This awe inspiring book covers many challenges  experienced in our lives:

  • Facing a Health Crisis
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Healing from Loss
  • Navigating Romantic Relationships
  • Moving from Self Sabotage to Strength
  • Growing Through Family Conflict
  • Nurturing Relationships
  • Balancing Career and Finances
  • Transforming from a Brush with Death
  • Aging and Dying

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