Stories of the Afterlife

Stories of the Afterlife

As most of you know, I am certified with The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. Here are some links that will give you more information about regression and the afterlife:   

In response to global interest and demand for more inspiring case stories, The Newton Institute (TNI) created Stories of the Afterlife.This online journal is for anyone curious about our existence beyond physical life. The journal contains cases of clients who have had been regressed to their past lives and life between lives. Each journal contains about five cases written by TNI practitioners. Currently there are 200 TNI practitioners from 40 different countries around the globe. 

Each quarterly addition also includes other regular features that keeps you up to date with research, book reviews and other news about the practice of regressions and life before and beyond. 

To find out more about more about Stories of the Afterlife, click on this link: 

TNI also has a FaceBook page where people can ask questions and share information about past lives, life between lives and their regressions. 

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Opening the Heart

Awakening the Heart


I am hosting a workshop at my home in the mountains in Maleny, on Sunday the 30th of March 2017. A friend of mine, Kate, did this workshop in India and said it changed her life. When she was back in Australia after several months in India, she discovered the couple, who conducted the workshop, were coming to Australia. They were not coming to do workshops but Kate convinced them to do a few. Because the reports were so positive, I agreed to host one.

When you arrive at 10am or soon after, sandwiches and tea will be served with an opportunity to meet each other and the presenters. The workshop will begin at 11 am and finish around 2pm.

There are limited places so if you feel it is right for you, please book in soon by emailing me at or calling me on 0488 634 222. Details are below.

The WINNER of our Mind Body Spirit competition and her story

Here is the name of the winner of the Past Life Regression from our competition at the Mind Body Spirit Festival last weekend in Brisbane…

Tami McNulty

Here is the intriguing story of my call to Tami to tell her…

My assistant entered all the names into the mailing list and then I numbered each entry. I did a meditation asking that the winner be the person most needing a Past Life Regression. I used a random number generator to chose the number. It was 159. That was Tami.

I called Tami immediately and left a message. That was Tuesday. She didn’t call back Wednesday and I woke during the night, thinking about how I had forgotten to follow up. I called Tami around 8 am Thursday morning and she answered. She was thrilled when I told her she had won. She mentioned that she had just lost her father. Many other clients have told me that they have just lost a loved one and they usually mean recently, like in the last few months. So I asked. Tami said her father had died at 3 am that morning, around the same time I woke thinking about the need to contact her again.

Tami and I were amazed at the synchronicity. Somehow the universe had her win and then arranged a potent moment for her to hear about it. In fact, I called just before she was travelling to see her dad and be with her family.

I am sure we are all sending thoughts of love to Tami. She told me her father was ill for some time, that he was a lovely man and how lucky she was to have him as her father.

I am going to extend her Past Life Regression into a Life Between Lives Regression, knowing that Tami will have the opportunity, in the afterlife, to reconnect with her father. This frequently happens to clients who have lost loved ones.

Death is not the end!

Mind Body Spirit Festival FREE TICKETS


If you are coming to the Mind Body Spirit Festival

please drop in to say hello to Karen Joy at

Stand E15


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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Laura Di Mambo, the organiser of the Conscious Life Festival , has compiled this video of the festival that was held in November, 2016.

Let’s trust in this New Year 2017, we will have as much fun as people did at this festival.

Life Between Lives Regression was there at Kawana Waters and we met some great people. I was high on the energy of the whole experience for days.

 I wanted to also let you know that we will be at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Brisbane on 17th, 18th and 19th March 2017, looking forward to meeting some of you there or seeing you again. It should be great, right near the first Equinox for 2017.

Laura’s wants to remind you that her Discovery Festival is on in early May 2017 on the Sunshine Coast.

I am busy writing two books on regressions, one with a publisher deadline on the 1st of June, so I will have to see if I can make it to the Discovery Festival in May.

I don’t know if you have noticed that the energies of our planet are changing and many exciting and interesting developments are taking place in our world. I am sure that people  who are open to learning, exploring and developing have nothing to fear from these changes.

I wish you all an enlightening 2017


Winner of the Past Life Regression.

Winner of the Past Life Regression.

The winner of our competition at the Conscious Life Festival has been drawn.


Congratulations Mandy!


Thanks to all the lovely people I met at the Festival for signing to be on my mailing list, for buying my book or for just coming to have a chat. It was great meeting you in a place where there was such positive energy.


I conduct the Life Between Lives Regressions and Past Life Regressions at my home office on our property in Maleny. There is a wonderful energy here too. I took the above photo from our verandah a week or two ago on one of those magical evenings when the light was luminous and where the clouds were full of character and moisture,


I hope I get to catch up with some of you at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Brisbane in March 2017 if not before. Also watch out for my next blog in a few weeks.


Regards to all.

Karen Joy



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