Have you even met someone for the first time while having a sense that you know them from somewhere? Quite often a client will express having had this experience. Sometimes people have such strong feelings of being connected to a person they’d never met before, they want to know more about this compelling sense of familiarity.

Recently, a young woman in her early thirties, Alexa, who lives overseas, was so curious about this phenomenon she booked a Zoom regression with me so she could explore it.

Alexa met a man at work with whom she felt an immediate connection. They were both nurses and this man, Myles, had been newly assigned to the Emergency department where she worked.

She had left her husband some months earlier, simply because their values, dreams and personalities were no longer compatible. When she married her husband, she was young and he was older. Although the marriage had worked well for a nearly a decade, over time they had gradually grown apart. Incompatibility is a good reason to separate. Sacrifice by either one will build resentment, and resentment is destructive, often making us ill. Breaking up, though difficult at the time, is usually a better choice for all involved.

Alexa felt an immediate connection to Myles, which only grew stronger as they were often assigned the same shift. She was sure he felt this connection too. There was so much joy around them working together, laughing and having fun with each other and with their patients too. Everyone seemed to feel uplifted.  

Her main question for her guides in the regression was to know what was really going on between them. She knew he had a girlfriend, but he said little about that relationship. Alexa made sure she didn’t cross any boundaries, treating him as no more than a friend.

The first thing she was aware of during the regression was the song, “Lover” by Taylor Swift, and hearing the words, “can I go where you go?”

Then an image of Myles appeared. He looked the like the same person as in his current life, but he was in a low mood, grumpy, not happy. She also received the message that he feels unworthy. He is thinking about his girlfriend who seems like a child. He is not happy, shutting down to her. He doesn’t want to share himself with her. At the same time, he doesn’t want to hurt her. He isn’t really open to Alexa even though he desires happiness, which is what life with Alexa seems to offer.

Alexa feels tremendous love for him, so I suggest she allow herself feel that love whether he responds to it or not. Soon she sees him at peace.

Then she sees a wall with a tulip beyond the wall, which is just out of reach. The song is coming again and she feels frustrated.

Her chest suddenly feels heavy and her body is hot. She senses fire, a feeling of being trapped, like she is under something like a wooden door. She is laying flat and the fire is above her. She cannot move.

I suggest she can let go if she wishes.

 Now she is floating and more information flows, explaining what happened.

“I was in a barn, a female trapped by someone in the barn. I feel this man shares the same soul as Myles. I have some sort of life contract with him. I sense he regrets what he did to me in that last life and wants to make amends.

“I was poor and lower class while he was careless and wealthy.  I keep seeing an evil grin on his face, as if he is taking pleasure from hurting me.  I was pregnant to him and unmarried. He trapped me and then set the barn alight. He is proud and hard, laughing at me. I can’t get away, so I died.

“The hurt is gone now. Curious?

“He lived the life he wanted, but later he was sad, and ended up alone. He regretted what he’d done and I agreed to come again to help him in this current life.

“Now he feels guilt, believing he must protect his current girlfriend due to his callous behaviour towards women in the past life. Unfortunately, the guilt he carries is actually to his detriment. The tables have turned. Now his young girlfriend is needy and controlling him.”

Alexa’s guides suggest she talk to Myles about her feelings, but she is afraid to open to him.  She doesn’t want to be hurt again. Although, she has come into his life to help him, she is unsure. Her love for him is still there but acting on it feels dangerous. Still, she needs to trust.

She senses they are meant to be together but she knows being patient, staying open to love while allowing him time to sort himself out is essential. Her guides will be with her.

Alexa was surprised how strong her connection to Myles turned out to be. She’d sensed something between them but when the story of their past played out during the regression, she was shocked how pivotal their relationship had been.

Alexa’s case teaches us to trust our intuition. Connections are strengthened by experiencing both love and trauma during our past lives. Discovering our path in life can help us find the patience and understanding we need to achieve our purpose. This is of major importance to us humans and brings us great peace at the end of our life.  

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