The WINNER of our Mind Body Spirit competition and her story

Here is the name of the winner of the Past Life Regression from our competition at the Mind Body Spirit Festival last weekend in Brisbane…

Tami McNulty

Here is the intriguing story of my call to Tami to tell her…

My assistant entered all the names into the mailing list and then I numbered each entry. I did a meditation asking that the winner be the person most needing a Past Life Regression. I used a random number generator to chose the number. It was 159. That was Tami.

I called Tami immediately and left a message. That was Tuesday. She didn’t call back Wednesday and I woke during the night, thinking about how I had forgotten to follow up. I called Tami around 8 am Thursday morning and she answered. She was thrilled when I told her she had won. She mentioned that she had just lost her father. Many other clients have told me that they have just lost a loved one and they usually mean recently, like in the last few months. So I asked. Tami said her father had died at 3 am that morning, around the same time I woke thinking about the need to contact her again.

Tami and I were amazed at the synchronicity. Somehow the universe had her win and then arranged a potent moment for her to hear about it. In fact, I called just before she was travelling to see her dad and be with her family.

I am sure we are all sending thoughts of love to Tami. She told me her father was ill for some time, that he was a lovely man and how lucky she was to have him as her father.

I am going to extend her Past Life Regression into a Life Between Lives Regression, knowing that Tami will have the opportunity, in the afterlife, to reconnect with her father. This frequently happens to clients who have lost loved ones.

Death is not the end!

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