Do you even wonder why you are on the planet dealing with so many challenges?

If you watch the news, stream documentaries or just observe your friends and acquaintances, you’ll soon see that people everywhere face challenges in their lives. Many struggle and many suffer. What could be the purpose of so much turmoil?

I have wondered about this too. Some of my clients are given answers to such questions during their regressions. I wondered what I might receive if I went into a deep state and contacted higher level guides and asked why. This is what I got.

Life on planet Earth in human form is like an obstacle course. It has been set up that way.

One fundamental truth is that existence is always in flow. There are two directions for this flow: expansion and contraction. Thus, everything is either expanding or contracting. This is true of Earth, life on Earth and everything else in the universe.

We are all connected and a part of the whole. Your soul is part of a larger self and that larger self is part of a greater being, and so on, as everything is connected. As a soul, you invest yourself, your energy, into a human body on Earth. At some level of your being, you have chosen to do this. If you are wondering why you made this choice, think back to the last time you decided to go to a recreation park with all sorts of rides, interactive games, amusements and challenges. Coming to Earth is similar. You wanted to experience what was there, test yourself and have fun.

We like having new experiences. That quality seems to be inherent in the universal system and so it manifests in us too. And just as well, because we need to keep expanding. Remember if we don’t, the system will contract.

For humans, Earth is like an amusement park with an obstacle course. You are not given a manual. You need to work out for yourself how it all works. As you overcome each obstacle, you get a little better at figuring it out.

You come to Earth as many times as you want, and in as many different forms as you want.

The earth obstacle course is not a race, and you are not competing against others. Sometimes humans forget this. Our only deep, genuine desire is to keep going and get to the end, no matter how long or how many lifetimes that takes.

By the end, your energy will have significantly expanded. You are now wise and know how to enjoy life on Earth. The obstacles will not be taken as seriously as before, and you will easily overcome them. You might focus on helping others, whether as a soul on the other side or in a human body.

Near the end, you grow in appreciation for all the challenges you faced. At times you used your free will to journey alone, with no support from your higher guidance. Sometimes life was such a struggle, you contracted and curled up into dark places to soothe your wounds. You had times of greatness and expansion when you played big on the world stage. Whether you knew it or not, you grew in skills, knowledge and understanding through all your experiences.

Eventually, you realise that the easiest way to play was to surrender your will, connect to your higher guidance, trust the messages you received and act on them.

Finally, playing the game becomes fun. You can appreciate all you’ve endured and achieved, including the challenges and contrasts on Earth. Now you enjoy the great beauty of being here. You might play here for a while before becoming bored. Then you might find other planets and universes to explore and figure out.

If you want to know more and understand more deeply why we have so many great challenges in our lives, read or listen to my latest book: Lost Soul, Wise Soul: How Challenging Past Lives Shape Our Future.

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