My guest is Jullie, an experienced nurse undertaking further study. Julie contacted me about one of my books she had read, excited about what she learnt. Jullie is different to my previous guests, in that she has never experienced a regression. Her past life surfaced spontaneously.

Jullie comes from a linage of psychic women and we learn from Jullie how psychic powers can be dangerous if one is not properly grounded. Jullie shares how this can happen and how she has avoided those problems.

 She also shares a past life she spontaneously experienced when young, a life in ancient Egypt that has haunted her in the many years since. Her psychic gifts have manifested in some unusual ways and she also tells us how she has played with that. She also shares the impact of books has had on her life, and how that has increased her understanding of her path and what she needs to do to stay on it.

Watch out for the next podcast, when my guest is Poppy, a Kinesiologist, who felt lost and guilty. She had tried to help her husband but he died after their divorce. 

Poppy relived two past lives, both traumatic and both teaching her about the importance of love rather than money or status. Her loving guides were present, reassuring her and answering her many questions, including some about what life is about.

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