One recent Saturday evening, I wore my favourite earrings to the movies. I was volunteering for our local Film Society. Before the movie screened, I was busy, moving around the hall, in and out of the kitchen, serving tea and homemade slices. Leaving after the movie, I walked to the car.

Preparing for bed that evening, I realised I’d lost one of my earrings.

I was particularly fond of these earrings. In October 2022, I was in Thailand doing a psychic medium course. While exploring the Phuket Walking Street Evening Market (pictured), I came across these earrings. Fashioned in an unusually clever design, they were almost weightless and nearly a hundred percent silver. The vendor was a young woman, a member of the talented silversmith family who made them. She refused to be bargained down because, as she said, the price reflected the true value of their work.  

Because of their design, I thought they were quite secure. I was shocked and disappointed when I discovered the loss. Did I lose it while I was in the theatre, walking in the street, or at home? I wondered if it became caught in my long, curly hair and fell. I spent a couple of days trying to find it but to no avail.
I considered replacing the lost earring. But that wouldn’t be easy.

Unfortunately, I no longer had the details of the vendor, but my friend Annie had also purchased jewellery from them. She thought she had their business card but when I called, she couldn’t find it.

What can I do? I wondered.

Nothing really, I decided, except ask my spirit guides to have it returned. I spent a moment imagining the joy of that happening. Then I, mentally and emotionally, let my earring go. After all, earrings are just things and I know that nothing in the physical world lasts.

I felt sad for a few moments before looking through my box of earrings to find another pair I enjoyed wearing. I put my loss out of my mind and moved on.

Four days later while I was on the phone, my husband put his iPad right in front of me. On it was a picture of my lost earring. I got off the phone quickly to find out how this came about. He frequents a private local “Chit Chat” Facebook page. Someone had found my earring in the main street of our town and posted it on this community page.

To me this was a little miracle. Maleny is a popular tourist town, and it was very busy on Sunday. A local lady saw my earring and picked it up. She happened to know about the FB page and then took the trouble to post a photo.

Joyfully, I called Annie and told her. Getting the earring back seemed magical. My request was fulfilled. Asking my guides for help when something is lost does seem to work for me—I can’t remember the last time it didn’t—but it usually happens much more quickly than five days.

What did I learn from this experience?

I realised we are meant to grieve our losses and let them go. I can also see that having something precious returned, after letting it go, is particularly joyful. This was something I had wondered about.

During their regressions, people who recently lost a loved one are rarely given an opportunity to visit them. Usually, they are assured that their loved one is fine, but their grief prevents a one-to-one meeting.

Those who have already resolved their loss often experience a loving connection with their loved ones. Some are surprised when such a meeting occurs, especially if it was not on their agenda for the regression 

Manifesting what we desire is a tricky process. Hankering after something, being desperate and needy doesn’t work. Even a slight doubt can interfere. Yearning contains a subtle darker underside, an aspect of negativity, a fear of not gaining the desire.

Your desires need to be clear of any negativity if you want them fulfilled. They need to be underpinned with acceptance, which means being relaxed about receiving it or not.

You ask. You feel unimpeded joy while imagining receiving your desire. And then you let it go with a sense of neutrality. In other words, you are peaceful and happy, not caring if your desire doesn’t come to fruition.

My book, Lost Soul, Wise Soul: How Challenging Past Lives Shape Our Future is about becoming lost on our journey through our many lives. I demonstrate what this looks like with examples from my clients. I also show the reader how we gradually find our way out of negativity and back to connection with Spirit, Source, Our Higher Self, God (or whatever word you wish to use).

Connection is the magic that underpins manifesting our desires. When we are deeply connected, our needs are already fulfilled. We may have desires, but the neediness, the yearning is gone. We might prefer a particular thing or outcome, but we are at peace whether it comes or not. We feel full and satisfied with life and our lot, regardless of our circumstances, our position, or possessions.

There is an irony here. When are happy and satisfied, we have the power to ask for more. When we feel lost, miserable, and needy, our desires are unlikely to be met. In the latter situation, we are caught in a cocoon of negativity. That is the energy we are sending out and that is what comes back to us.

The Christian Bible says a lot of things, some might be true for you, and some may not. But in Matthew 25 there is an attempt to convey this principle. I believe it is speaking of people’s attitudes rather than what they possess. For example, a miserly man with much money has very little, while a joyful man in humble circumstances has much.

For to everyone who has, more will be given and he will have abundance; but from he who does not have, even what he has will be taken away.

We can rail against this principle, state it’s not fair, feel annoyed or angry, and believe it is hard, and heartless. But from my personal experience over many lifetimes, and from what I have learned from my clients lives and regressions, it is true.

Helping others who are struggling is still worthwhile, of course, but only if they are open to being helped and it feels right for you to do so.

We create our reality. This how the Earth System is designed. All of us are subject to it and playing it out, whether we are aware of it or not.

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