I would very much like to thank my readers for their help last weekend with the title for my new book. Over sixty people responded to my plea for help, which had a very short deadline. A great response.

For me, it was a most enlightening exercise and helped shape the final choice made by the publishers.

I found it interesting that over half of those that responded preferred one title of the eight presented. It was, Dark to Light: The purpose of Challenging Lives. It received thirty-five votes. Second place received eight votes and was The Soul’s Dilemma: How Challenging Past Lives Shape Our Future. Third was Shadow Past Lives: How Souls Grow, with seven votesThe other nine votes were evenly spread across the other five titles. (See previous post for details). A few respondents didn’t like any of the presented titles and came up with other suggestions.

Generally most people liked a hopeful title, one that was to the point and that reflected the content of the book. About a third perferred a title that wasn’t too long or wordy.

The responses and informative comments inspired me to come up with a few more titles, which I also submitted to the Publisher, Llewellyn Worldwide.

The publisher gave careful consideration to all factors and suggestions I put forward, then decided on a title. It is:

Lost Soul, Wise Soul: How Challenging Past Lives Shape Our Future. 

I am very happy with this title as it expresses the book’s subject matter. The main theme is our soul journey through challenging lifetimes that engender so much disillusionment, we cut off from Source.  Feeling alone, we become lost, experiencing some harrowing lives. A pivotal life initiates an increased level of awareness and we begin our struggle back to the Light. We learn much through this sacred journey which rewards us with a wellspring of wisdom.

I promised to put all those who responded to my call for help into a draw for five copies of the new book, Lost Soul. Wise Soul, How Challenging Past Lives Shape Our Future.

I used a random generator to draw out the five winners. They are Elizabeth, Gloria, Kara, Kylie and Lydia. Each will receive a copy of the book once it is published.

I will be letting you know exactly when the book will be launched and when it is available for pre-order.

Thank you, Dear Readers, for your support.

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