Do you know I could not find on the Internet any podcasts where people were able to share their experiences of reliving a past life? There were several which interviewed people, like me, who conduct regressions and write books about past lives, for example, my Media page. “That’s fine,” I thought, “but how interesting would it be to listen to people who have actually experienced past lives?” I immediately decided to ask some of my clients if they would like to share their experiences on a podcast. My clients are very generous, caring people. They are on their journey of growing spiritually, developing wisdom and are community minded. In other words, they like to help. I was thrilled when the first people I asked accepted.

I decided to call my podcast, Exploring Past Lives with Karen Joy

I have now completed several podcasts that will be posted soon and shared with you. What an amazing experience doing these podcasts has been. I discovered so much. I found more details about the lived experience of doing a regression into a past life or life between lives. I learned what it was actually like for my clients and found similarities and differences. There were aspects I didn’t actually forsee. I learned how some people keep getting more information after the regression, information that they (and I) didn’t expect. I also discovered how their lives had changed, sometimes in small ways but also in profoundly meaningful ways. I also learned how many had developed increased trust in themselves and their journey.

It has been a steep learning curve and, of course, I learned more as I went along. You might notice improvements in the sound quality as we go along. I managed to find a program that edited out some “ums” and “ahs” which made listening easier. However what seems to attract listeners attention is the quality of the content and there has been no problems there.

And as I listened to those generous people who agreed to participate, I loved how each person conveyed the information in their own way – some gentle, others enthusiastic, some matter of fact – each with a different story and each with a different expression. What a gift each of us have to express our truth in our own special way. The word “special” comes from the same root as “species”. Each of us are here on the planet to be ourself. In a way we are each our own species and we are here to express our unique individuality. Not one of us on the planet now, or who has ever been on the planet in the past, is the same. This is obvious in the regressions I do. Each one is unique and that has come through in the podcasts. Each one is different to the others with different past life experiences, a different focus and different affects on their life.

Have you experienced a past life? Was it during a regression with me or someone else? Did it happen during a dream or meditation? Has it happned just spontaneously? If you would like to share your experience please let me know. I would love to have you on my podcast.

Sharing helps other people understand themselves and make connections with their own life journey. They discover how blocks to wealth and happiness can be resolved. How they can learn to trust themselves and remove self-doubts. It helps them build confidence in the existence of a life beyond the physical and of their true nature, which is eternal.

If you are interested in sharing your experience, please  contact me. I am happy to answer any questions before you commit to being interviewed.

Send me an email with “Podcast”  in the subject line at my email address:

Please watch out for my podcast coming by the end of August.

I will let you know once it is launched.

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