When we set off on a journey of creating the reality we desire, we don’t have to take a great leap. Perhaps we would like to own a beautiful house, go on a luxurious extended holiday overseas or have a few million in the bank, but starting there might be a stretch.

One way to begin is by practicing mini manifesting. In this case, we decide to create something that is easily believable. To give you an idea what this looks like, here are some examples:

  • Buy a lottery ticket and focus winning a prize, any prize at all, even a small one.
  • Imagine hearing from someone you haven’t seen for a while or imagine bumping into them.
  • Go to the shopping centre to buy apparel that you really desire with the specifics you want (e.g. colour, size) not knowing if it is available.
  • When driving to a particular place, imagine getting there with few or no traffic lights.
  • Believe that when you need a parking space one will be close to where you need to be.
  • Go to the supermarket, seeking something you want but which is not always available.
  • Focus on receiving the weather you want for a special outing, whether that is rain or sunshine, warm or cool.I know mini manifesting works. Once I drove from the outskirts of the city to the centre without one red traffic light even though there were dozens of traffic lights on the way. I was going to the opera but had been held up at a store. If you are late for the opera, you don’t get in until interval. I imagined arriving on time with all the traffic lights being green. It worked. I got to my seat before it started.

I have been practicing mini manifesting for thirty years. I began this practice in 1991, after an experience in Hobart between Christmas and New Year. Because of the famous Sydney to Hobart Sailboat race, that week is Hobart’s busiest time of the year.

I was there with some friends. During one day, just as the yachts were all arriving, a friend, Maureen, asked me to drive her to the Post Office.

“Don’t be crazy,” I said. “That’s impossible. We’ll never get a park in the main street!”

“Yes, we will,” she claimed. “I always get a park when I need one.”

I truly thought she was talking rubbish, but I agreed to drive her anyway, hoping I could drop her off quickly and pick her up later.

As I was driving to the Post Office, the street was busy, packed with people and cars, both parked and moving. Just as we approached the Post Office, a car pulled out right in front of me leaving a vacant parking space. I couldn’t quite believe it, but I didn’t dawdle. I quickly pulled in. 

After posting her letter, Maureen taught me her reliable parking practice. And it was simple. She believed she would get a park and imagined it being there.  

When you begin, it might take a while to manifest what you want. Don’t give in just because it doesn’t work straight away. It took a while for me to really believe that I would get the parking spaces I wanted. Now when I drive somewhere I truly expect to find a park close by. I cannot remember the last time I missed out. This ability I generated was a Godsend before I had my hip replacements, as walking long distances back then was painful. But I am sure my need was not the reason the car spaces manifested. Need can backfire. Feeling desperate or helpless is the very opposite of the trust required to emanate a creative energy like manifesting.

Once you are confident with your mini manifesting, you can begin generating your greater desires.

Please share an experience in the comment section below if you are one of those people who is good at manifesting. Your manifesting ability may reassure others.

For more information from me on manifesting what you desire, click HERE. 

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