MANIFESTING is a term used to describe a process of consciously and deliberately creating what you want with your mind. Sounds easy? Perhaps, but for most people it is trickier than you think. You need to have the ability to focus and not be pre-occupied or distracted. In our physical world, staying focussed is difficult. There are many distractions. Here I am going to outline what is needed to create what you want. 

You create your reality,

There is no other rule.”


The fundamental belief underpinning any attempt at manifesting is the view that we are all creating our reality. The quote, ” You create your reality, there is no other rule” is from Seth, channelled by Jane Roberts.

Jesus also indicated something similar, which is recorded in three books of the New Testament including Matthew (13:11–12). “For to him who has will more be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away.”

The secret is knowing how we are already creating our reality. That helps us understand how we can create the reality that we desire. The next step is putting our knowledge into practice and making it happen. That is much more challenging and what I hope to help you understand. 

 There are two ways to approach manifesting. The first is focussing on something specific that you want, like a holiday in Paris.

The other is a more general goal, such as a desire for peace, joy and serenity.

Both approaches involve clearing any blocks that are in the way of you achieving your goal.

What have you already created?

If you accept that we manifest our reality then you have unconsiously manifested the reality you are now living. Of course it is easy to look around and feel you are at the mercy of circumstances and the whims of other people, but that powerless attitude is not going to get you what you want. Your first step is taking responsibility for your creation.

You are much more than your physical body and you have had many more experiences than you can imagine. Much of your deeper self is obscure, including many of the beliefs you hold – some of which maybe useful, others of which are detrimental to manifesting your desires. You are the accumulation of all your experiences and choices, whether you are aware of this or not. Your choices have shaped the world you personally live in.

Your choices have

shaped the world

you personally

live in.”


The Mystery of Creation

How we create our personal world seems like a mystery, but it is not. We obliviously emanate natural energetic forces that respond to us in kind. These forces are driven by our beliefs, our actions, our thoughts, our words, our reactions, our imagination and our emotions. Most of us don’t understand the deep complexity of these forces which we need to harness in order to deliberately create the reality we want.

Perhaps you desire a new car but don’t have the resources to purchase it. To manifest your new car, you need to imagine having it right now. You need to feel the joy and satisfaction of owning it, truly believing it is yours. While thinking about the car, you need to sense touching it and smelling it, while knowing absolutely that you deserve it. You need to immediately let go of any negative thought doubting you deserve it, worrying you cannot afford it, or wondering how you will get it. In other words, you need to be extremely mindful and self-disciplined. Keeping track, consciously and constantly, of all our thoughts, doubts, actions, imaginings and emotions takes tremendous effort.

It is the same process whether you have a desire for a new dress or a magnificent house. However, staying focussed and mindful becomes even more difficult when the object you desire greatly stretches your beliefs and imagination. Manifesting the reality you want isn’t just a fantasy. It has to feel real, and that takes hard work.

A different way, that some people choose, is to go directly to the blocks and eliminate as many of those that they can. It still takes work but, with guidance from a coach, therapist or spirit guides, the blocks can be dismantled. This universe is actually designed to give us what we truly desire. Removing the blocks is really all that is needed. Our task then is identifying all the blocks and eliminating them. Of course that can be challenging.


Being clear on your intention is important because what you intend is what you get. And yet “intend” is just a word. It doesn’t fully describe the creative energy we are emanating. Intention is complex and yet it is important to be clear on our intention. That can be tricky. Some of our desires may conflict. 

What happens if we have deeply held fears of poverty but, wanting to avoid these fears, we make a conscious intention to be rich? If we stay fully focussed on feeling rich, we may create wealth. But which is stronger? Our fear of poverty or belief in our wealth?

The individual who skills up, works hard, takes calculated risks and strives to be better, can more easily imagine herself as wealthy than someone afraid to take on those challenges. She is not fighting what she has been taught all her life: that you need to work hard to do well and hard work deserves to be rewarded. She may have some fears of poverty but those are easier to fix when her beliefs are closely aligned to her desire. 

How do we fare when we sit around dreaming of wealth but not taking on any challenges to improve our lot? Can we overcome an upbringing of societal programming which focusses on hard work, embracing life, and taking action. Doubts will naturally come in, especially issues of unworthiness, and scarcity. Focussing on wealth in the face of these ingrained values and doubts will be difficult. In this case, our fears could be stronger than our desires.


.What we believe is greatly influenced by our culture, the family we grew up in, any religion, other adults and childhood friends. Most of our beliefs from these sources are absorbed unconsciously. Then we form considered beliefs from friends, work and colleagues, as well as what we read, study or research. People often don’t realise that we carry beliefs from our past lives as well. Some of these are deep and wise, such an inherent aversion to killing another a human being. But others play out in our lives such as self-doubt, guilt and unworthiness.

As I said previously, we are not aware of many of the beliefs with which we are constantly creating our personal reality. I call these limiting beliefs “blocks”. If we could easily change them, then manifesting what we want would be easy. But most of our beliefs are not able to be changed easily and they do not stand alone. Some are deeply enmeshed into our world view like a thread in a complex knitted garment. Cut out one or two threads and the rest can begin unravelling. Not knowing the possible impact of the changes we need to make may threaten our sense of stability and safety. Stepping forward into the unknown takes courage.

When we look at a complex piece of work like a Persian carpet or handmade quilt, its patterns are usually neat and well organised into a congruent whole. Unfortunately, most people’s belief systems are not like that. Their world view can be messy, scattered with conflicting views. They can have a particular attitude when it suits the current circumstances and another when the circumstances change. Usually, to change a belief, many other beliefs need to change too, and that can be threatening. Having some sort of support is helpful.

Let’s say a woman is a people-pleasing person who finds herself in a relationship with someone who can be abusive. She wants to create a peaceful life but she also believes she should keep the family together. In fact, she has many beliefs that conflict, sabotaging her ability to create the life she desires. Some beliefs will be deeply held with a lot of feeling, but they still need to be dug up, explored, and challenged. Then she decides if and how she shifts these beliefs, while being aware of the cost.

A young man wants to retire before he is fifty. His father was an alcoholic who neglected the needs of his family. He too has a problem with alcohol but tries hard to keep it in control. Substance abuse makes staying mindful difficult. Let’s say he also has  a sense of guilt and unworthiness from an unresolved past life. He is unaware of these blocks or their ability to sabotage his positive intentions. Creating his retirement dream will be difficult until he addresses these issues.

Overcoming Blocks

Whether you want to manifest one specific thing or create a more comfortable life, you need to focus on removing any beliefs that sabotage your dreams. Some people might begin by seeking help to get on top of any obvious blocks. Therapists, personal coaches, even gifted psychics might help. Ask your Spiritual Guides to point you in the right direction. Once you have removed any obvious blocks, you can start your manifestation process.

First, you need to be clear on what you want. Journaling and meditating can help here.

Next, while focussing on having what you desire, you need to notice any uncomfortable emotions and doubts that arise within you. If you feel positive, great. Keep creating this positive feeling by continuing to focus on the feelings that arise when you imagine having what you want. If, on the other hand, you feel any inner protest, doubt, fear or discomfort when you focus on your desires, you need to unearth any relevant beliefs that drive your skepticism. Meditation helps here, as does embracing your emotions and experiencing them until they dissipate. Whenever they arise, you now need to challenge those negative beliefs and change them to be in alignment with your desire. 

Calling on your Higher Self and Spiritual Guide can be useful all the way through this process. Trust them and listen. They can help you identify what you want and also your blocks. They can help you surface the blocks and address them. Our guides are with us always and want to help. But you must ask clearly and want the truth, whatever it is. They respect free will completely and will only assist at your genuine request. Practice meditation regularly to create contact with your higher guidance

Creating the reality you want takes focussed attention. Doubts will come up. Difficult times will occur. Frustration and fear of failure are likely to emerge. Your job is to be fully aware when these concerns arise and nip them in the bud as soon as possible. That doesn’t mean being annoyed that you had such negative thoughts or experiences. Everybody does from time to time. Instead of being annoyed or self-critical, just accept that negativity does arise and that’s okay. Now breathe though your emotions and frustrations until they let you go. Then you focus back on what you really want. This practice itself takes focus and is a type of meditation.   

You are meant to create your dreams and desires and have a wonderful life. Taking on the task of creating the reality you really want is ultimately worthwhile. You might find it is an essential part of your life purpose. 

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