How do our past lives help us create what we want?  

To create the reality we want, rather than the reality we already have, we need to remove obsolete beliefs and reactions that are blocking us. Some of those come from our past lives. The following case is an example.

Emily was at a crossroads. Recently she was handicapped for six months, spending most of her time in bed and unable to do anything. She watched as her husband and young adult children did the minimum required to ensure their personal survival, virtually ignoring her needs. She also realised that she’d been unhappy for a long time but had been too busy to even think about it, let alone act on it.

Emily had taken such good care of her family, none of them hadn’t even noticed. They had completely taken her for granted. She was ready for a change and wanted to feel valued. But she felt guilty as she thought about leaving and looking after herself, Several beliefs were holding her back.

After resolving some issues from her family of origin, she recalled two past lives.

In the first, she was a young German boy, Jeffrey, aged 4 or 5, who was lost. His family had been killed. He was taken in by a loving couple who bought him up. Eventually Jeffrey joined the navy, wanting to change the world to stop war and killing.

In one scene he was at the bedside of his dear foster father who was dying. He felt much love for this kind old man. The importance of family and love was the message he received, while realising that trying to change the world was futile.

Emily could see that she had applied that philosophy to her current life, focussing almost exclusively on the members of her family. The next life showed her what she had missed.

In this past life in the 1920’s, she was a young woman, Ann, whose focus was on having fun, being free and outspoken, and generally pushing the boundaries. This was not socially accepted at that time, and she was killed by disapproving men in suits. Emily summed up Ann’s life.

“She wouldn’t have changed it. She really did enjoy her life before she died. It was a short fun life instead of a life of slavery.”

I could see that both Ann and Emily had been out of balance. Ann had focussed on herself while forgetting about any needs of others. Emily had focussed on others while forgetting about herself.

I asked Emily to communicate with Ann and ask Ann what she thought of Emily’s current situation. Emily shared what she received.

“Ann doesn’t really regret her life, but she is thinking if she toned it down a bit, she might have influenced more people for longer.”

Emily could see what each past life had taught her something important. Now she had an opportunity to combine these understandings to find balance between her needs and the needs of others. She also received the message that she would be “a more loving, authentic, compassionate, and supportive person” to her family and others if she moved to new environment where she could take care of her own needs.

Emily’s case shows us how we learn from our past lives, swinging the pendulum from one extreme in one life to the other extreme in a different life. A time comes when we have the opportunity to find balance.

Each life is a learning. It takes many lives of experience before we can refine our learnings into wisdom. Accessing our past lives can help us do that. When wise, we are more able to choose optimal actions for each circumstance. That is how we can create the reality that we desire.

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