I would love to have your help and quickly with a impeding decision I need to make on Monday.

I have written a book which is based on regressions I have done with clients. In these past lives, souls were either lost, victims or perpetrators.

Using many cases in the book, I trace the journey souls take into a series of dark lives and their emergence into light. This includes their journey into separation and isolation, perpetration and/or victimization, a powerful awakening and turnaround with a struggle back into reconnection and emergence into light.

The book also explains why souls become lost and separated and how they are rescued and redeemed. It covers the arc of our soul journey on Earth from our first incarnation through many lives of seeking and learning until we attain balance, compassion and wisdom.

Llewellyn, my publisher has asked me to suggest my preferred titles (See below) almost immediately. Thus, I am asking for your ideas and views on the following possibilities by 9 am this Monday morning the 1st of February.

What book title would attract you?  What title would propel you to pick up the book and read the back cover? Please write a sentence or two on why that title (or subtitle) appealed to you and note any titles that repelled you. Please feel free to make any suggestions, including mixing up the titles and subtitles and other possible titles or subtitles. Then email your thoughts to me at Karen@LifeBetweenLivesRegression.com.au

Once you respond, your name will go into a draw to win one of five copies of my new book. The winners will be notified soon and then can expect to receive the book later this year as soon as it is released.

Here are the suggested titles: (Note you can copy them into an email to me and make comments in red text). Please do so by 9 am Monday morning the 1st of February to be eligible for the draw.

Shadow Past Lives: How Souls Grow

Dark to Light: The Purpose of Challenging Past Lives

Twilight Transitions: Understanding Challenging Past Lives

The Soul’s Dilemma: How Challenging Past Lives Shape Our Future

The Soul’s Dilemma: Past Lives of Falling from Grace and Finding the Way Back

Long Night’s Journey into Light: Past Lives of Separation and Reconnection.

Prodigal Souls: Our Long Purposeful Journey into Past Lives of Separation and Reconnection.

The Soul’s Descent: Exploring the Purpose of Challenging Past Lives and Our Gradual Emergence Back into the Light

I am truly grateful for your help. Thank You!

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