My Guest is Angela, a former nurse and now a naturopath and qualified hypnotherapist. Angela does past life regressions as well as continuing her naturopathic practice and intuitive work. Angela, who lives in Maleny, as I do, came to me for a regression two years ago.

In her regression, Angela visited two past lives, each giving her a powerful experience of two extremes. One was a sad life of poverty and extreme lack of care, and the other a life of being richly loved and cared for. These lives impacted Angela strongly and she explains how she is now focussed on finding balance and acceptance.

As an talented intuitive healer with hypnosis qualifications, as well as having professional medical and naturopathic background, Angela is open to being contacted by anyone who feels called to seek her out. Please call 61 410 138 480 to explore what you need.

Watch out for the next podcast, when my guest is Jullie, an experienced nurse undertaking further study. Julie contacted me about one of my books she had read, excited about what she learnt. Jullie is different to my previous guests, in that she has never experienced a regression. Her past life surfaced spontaneously.

Jullie comes from a linage of psychic women and we learn from Jullie how psychic powers can be dangerous if one is not properly grounded. 

 She also shares a past life she experienced when young, a life that has haunted her in the many years since. Her psychic gifts have manifested in some unusual ways and she also tells us about some of those happenings.

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