In this episode, my guest, Samantha, who has a young family, felt lost in her life and wanted to know her purpose. Samantha lost her mother when she was a young child and I wondered if her mother would come through in the regression, as passed relatives often do. Samantha accessed two powerful past lives, one as a pirate who had good intentions. She was surprised to find a relationship between the pirate life and a relative from whom she was estranged in her current life. Other surprises ensued, some pleasant and one demonstrating the difference between high level forgiveness and human forgiveness.

Samanatha has always loved dogs and her favourite animals are wolves. Guess how her guide appeared? As a wolf. Although this seems unusual to many who would expect their guides to be more like angels, a form familar to us often appears as our guide in the regressions. As this podcast reveals, there is another reason why her guide appeared as a wolf. 

Watch out for the next podcast, when my guest is Michelle whose experience answered a question I’ve had for many years. I have done over a thousand regressions and, even though I know each regression is unique, I didn’t expect to have this answered in this way. My question: How do people die in their sleep? Now, as you will discover in the podcast, it seems that some souls develop this ability to die in their sleep. Michelle also accessed four past lives and discovered her purpose this life.

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