In this episode, which is Part I, Belinda shares how she was confronted by the sudden, devastating loss of her eldest son. Belcause she had so much to share, I have split her podcast into two episodes of just over 40 minutes each. Episode 11: Part II will soon follow.

Before she came for her regression, Belinda was accessing past lives in her dreams. These left her very confused. Over several months, she came to see me for three sessions (one in a group and two one-to-one).

Belinda is a former social worker who is now a successful business owner. She lost her adult son a year before her first session. Not surprising, this changed her life and put her on a different path.

In the first episode she speaks of her dreams, including a puzzling dream involving a lake surrounded by pine trees. We discover that there is relationship between this dream and the loss of her son.

Belinda also shares the premonition she had of her son passing, the surprising work she does on the other side in between her lives, and unusual experiences she had after her son’s death that, at one stage, had her fearing for her sanity.

Watch out for the next podcast, which will be posted in two days. Belinda continues sharing more of her journey this lifetime and what she experienced during her regressions. She tells us how she found hard evidence of the existence of her previous past life. and also talks more about her son, including the unusal way he died and how she is coping with this loss.

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