Presented by your podcaster, Karen Joy.

Welcome to the podcast: Exploring Past Lives with Karen Joy.

I am Karen Joy. Join me as I speak with people who have relived their past lives. Most have undertaken past life regressions with me, so I have seen, first-hand, the transformational power of these experiences.

My guests are ordinary people looking for answers through re-experiencing their past lives. Some also speak about the life between lives, which is also known as the afterlife.

Because I interview people who have actually relived one or more of their past lives, this podcast answers many questions such as:

  • What is it like to relive a past life?
  • How do you relive past lives?
  • Why would you want to?
  • What happens in past lives?
  • Do you die in the past life?
  • What actually happens after you die?
  • What can you discover in the life between lives?
  • Can reliving a past life affect your current life?
  • Will it alter your present relationships?
  • Does reliving a past life change you in any way?
  • Are past lives real?

Now, thanks to the courage and generosity of my guests, you have an opportunity to share in their amazing journeys too.


Episode 1. Karen introduces her podcast with a taste of what is to come.

I explain how I became a past life and life between lives practitioner and why I decided to embark on creating a Podcast. (15 mins)

Coming soon!  

Episode 2. How to rid yourself of overwhelming anger?”

My guest, Nick, is a tutor train driver. Nick was clear on his key issue.

“I would get angry enough to black out and lose that portion of memory. I was not in control of it.”

Discover the source of Nick’s anger and the way it was resolved.

Episode 3. Do you want wealth? Overcoming blocks to financial security and success.

My guest, Laylee, is a health professional and hypnotherapist. Laylee summed up her issue.

 “I had a few blocks in my life, one of them not being able to accumulate any wealth whatsoever.”

Laylee’s past life was edifying and her new career path was affirmed.

Note: Laylee has since trained in past life regression and is keen to help others wishing to overcome any blocks to wealth. Click here for her website.

Episode 4. Healing chronic health issues.

My guest, Kim, is a retired administrator. She experienced several past lives and visited her life between lives. Her focus was on an important health issue.

“I was dealing with significant irritable bowel syndrome at the time. It is completely alleviated now.”

There was a strange synchronicity between her health issue and her devastating actions in one past life.

Episode 5. Dealing with a terminal illness

My guest, Peter, is an engineer. He had recently received a diagnosis of terminal pancreatic cancer. His past life was completely unexpected and he received some good news when he visited his life between lives.

 “That gave me some solace. There was a reason my life was cut short.”

Episode 6. Breaking self-sabotaging patterns.

My guest, Joy, is a teacher and social worker. Ongoing work problems were getting her down. Should she stay or should she go?

 “I keep repeating bad patterns. I needed a way to move on.”

Joy was surprised by the answer she received and how it played out at work.

Episode 7: What is it like to die?

My guest, Lynette is an academic. She has an innate curiosity about life and death. Dying in a past life can be a profound experience.

“Sitting around my bed, they were holding my hands and stroking my face. It was so beautiful.”

How does Lynnette feel about the inevitability of death now?

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