I recently asked readers to send me questions they would like answered. Thanks to those who responded. Please feel free to send me questions at any time. Here is a question on an issue that I think puzzles many people. My answers are based on the information we have received from Higher Consciousness Beings who inform us during the regressions.

Q: It appears that unconditional love is the highest spiritual aspiration. Yet we live in a world in which each creature, plant, insect, animal and human is subjected to larger predatory adversaries – the survival of the fittest.  It can be quite brutal, with no apparent love operating. I don’t understand it at all.

A: We are all One (the Source) and in our highest form, we are love. Somewhere, sometime, somehow, in our highest form, we separated parts of the One from the whole. Why? To experience and expand. In other words, to play games of separation.

We have learnt that in various dimensions, places and planets, many games of separation are taking place. There is the game that ants and bees play. Each is physically separate from the whole but retain a strong non-physical connection. Flocks of birds that all turn together uniformly in the sky are playing a version of this game too.

Earth is a place where we humans are playing a game of extreme separation. We arrive, newborn, on the planet with little or no memory of who we really are. This amnesia is a condition of coming to Earth. And amnesia is the genesis of the brutality of which you speak.

With no memory of who we really are, we believe we are only physical beings. We think we are alone and totally responsible for our own safety and that of our tribe. We notice that others like us can die so we fear our annihilation. We don’t want to die so we fight to survive.

Animals have this survival instinct too. But they have more grace than humans, probably retaining some sense of a ‘home’ somewhere beyond the physical. They surrender to death, once it is inevitable. They don’t fight death like many humans do.

Fighting inevitable death is a great problem on our planet. The individual does not pass over completely, instead leaving some energy still focussed on the physical. During the regressions, we rescue energies trapped from past lives. This is usually a great relief to the client who was carrying this old negative energy, experienced as an extraordinary deep fear of death. Clients feel more peaceful and safer after the release.

Love is a part of this release. We connect with the lost and fearful parts of ourselves with love. We reconnect and then release the fear.

Love is the glue that holds us together while we are playing the game of separation. During the regressions, many clients are given a taste of complete connection. They are filled with unconditional love. It is a feeling of fulfilling connection, we call the Oneness. This is given as a reminder of who we really are.

The game of separation does have a goal or a purpose. It is a game of evolving, expanding and growing wise from experience. On Earth, we incarnate many times, usually having thousands of lives.

In the beginning, we might retain some sense of where we came from. Over time this dissipates and we become completely immersed in the physical, believing that is all we are. In this state, we view ourselves as completely separate from others. We will do anything to survive, and our thinking can be distorted in many dark ways. We may kill, rape and torture and we experience the same being done to us. This is the game of extreme separation. We hate all vulnerability, in ourselves and in others. We can be stuck in this place for a thousand or more Earth years. Eventually, at the soul level, we plan our return to connection. Some of the most moving past lives are these lives of turning back to connection and redemption.

As you can imagine, remembering the damage you have done in your past lives is very challenging. Now we really suffer. Before when we were extremely separated we were shut down emotionally and physically. We were numb. Now we begin the unfreezing, and wow, does it hurt!

But with this hurt comes much understanding, forgiveness and eventually wisdom. We remember who we are as we climb back through many more lives, gradually reconnecting, slowly learning to love and accept ourselves and others just as we are.

Now we really understand what it is like to be lost and disconnected. This contrasting experience brings a new and deep appreciation for feeling love and connection.

Can you see that as you learn to love and accept yourself, all your past lives—both dark and light, you are also learning to love others? Love of self and love of others is actually the same thing. When you stop judging yourself, you stop judging others. You feel compassion for yourself and you feel compassion for others—no matter how dark or lost they currently are.

This long sojourn of incarnating on Earth culminates in being a greatly expanded soul who is wise, compassionate and loving.

Do we then go back to Source? The truth is we never left Source. We only thought we did. We are always connected and part of the whole whether we know it or not.

If this blog brings up any questions for you, please let me know. I would love to help expand your understanding.


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