Many people, all around the world are reeling, from the outcome of the American election. My colleagues, many of them spiritually focussed, hoped Hillary would win. Now many are struggling to understand the outcome.

Many spiritually minded people hold the belief that we are coming into a new consciousness which encompass the feminine energies of inclusion, acceptance, respect, positive renewal and care for others. If this is the case, why did Trump win?

Life-Between-Lives regressions give us a great deal of information about how our system works. Here are some points to consider and a number of possible reasons why Trump is now president-elect.

  • Our universe is expanding. We know this scientifically, and in the regressions this is often confirmed, but with a slightly different emphasis. The universe is expanding because humans are expanding in experience. The Higher Level beings that look out for us want us to continue expanding our experience. How do you expand in experience? You have experiences that you have never had before. Is a Trump presidency likely to be different and novel? Given that politicians and commentators say they don’t really know what to expect, the answer is yes. So a Trump presidency creates more novel experience and more expansion.
  • Humans have free will. Having free will means we can receive or ignore any specific information. We can look at situations with a positive focus or a negative view. Our free will is absolute.
  • We create our reality. Our thoughts and actions create a vibration that we send out and what we send out comes back to us. Our negative views also come back to us too. If I suggest to you right now, ‘Don’t think of blue,’ you couldn’t help but think of blue. Do this often enough and universe sends you blue. So what happens if many millions of people think, ‘I don’t want Trump’ along with many who think ‘I do want Trump’? In fact, all are creating together, inadvertently or not, to get Trump.
  • Our lives are planned. You can follow the plan or you can ignore it. Many people coming to undertake a Life-Between-Lives regression do so in order to discover if they are on track with their plan. If you are in alignment with your plan, you will mostly feel comfortable, joyful and inspired. If you are not, you will often feel unhappy, irritable, anxious, depressed or ill. Whether you resist your plan or not, you will eventually gain the experience and knowledge you are after, whether that takes one lifetime or a thousand.
  • Planet Earth is also subject to a plan. The plan will be fulfilled even if a few detours are taken off the main road. In any case, no detour is wrong. A detour is experience and experience is expansion. In our universe there is no such thing as waste. All experience is valuable.

Is a Trump presidency a detour or is it part of the plan?

Let’s assess this in light of the previous points.

Novel experiences expand our universe. A Trump presidency is a new experience for all of us. So that means it is likely to be part of the plan.

We individually and collectively create our reality. We all created a Trump presidency with our focus on wanting it or not wanting it. A Trump presidency is therefore in alignment with the level of our collective spiritual development. Whatever happens we are likely to grow in awareness, individually and collectively. So that probably means it is part of the plan.

Trump himself seems to be aligned with his life plan. He is physically well, energetic, personally positive and happy. He has spent his life totally believing in himself and his ability to win, so much so that what most of us have termed losses, he sees as wins. He is the perfect model of the power of belief in creating one’s reality. Each of our plans form part of the larger plan for our planet. So if Trump is aligned with his life plan than his presidency is also part of the plan.

Many of us spiritually minded people believe that we are coming into a new consciousness. Having a Trump presidency does not deny this. The tolerance of difference and minorities expanded dramatically after the horror of discrimination practiced in Nazi Germany.

I don’t believe we will stoop to those depths again, but good things can come out of challenging experiences. We can see how the feminine energies of inclusion, acceptance, respect, positive renewal and care for others are emerging in our world. This emergence sometimes comes from the rejection of horror observed in well publicised attacks, rapes, murders and incidents of domestic violence. The change is happening. Trump is sure to be a part of that change.

If you were concerned about what a Trump presidency will bring, I suggest you relax and take a positive view, remaining open and curious.

Perhaps you would like to take a leaf out of Trump’s book and create your own positive reality. To do so, take control of your thoughts and actions. If you have trouble doing that, seek help to release your fears, your negative thinking and get back on track.

Here is a link to recordings by Esther Hicks, channelling Abraham, about creating your reality. The information Abraham gives is the same as that channelled through certain advanced souls during their Life-Between-Lives regressions.

Abraham on creating your reality


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