Living Love and Beauty

Living Love and Beauty

What is it like to have a life between lives regression? It is impossible to tell until you have one because each one is unique. I can give you an indication by sharing the experiences of various clients. Here is one.

Daniel came to see me hoping to have a transcendental experience. His guides met this desire right at the beginning of his regression. Most of the time he was quiet and peaceful, enjoying the loving light energy he was experiencing. When he did speak, he described the thoughts and feelings arising in him.

I feel that I want to be in nature. I am looking at the sun, feeling the warmth of the sun and everything is enjoying the warmth of the sun. The trees and flowers. The animals. The sun doesn’t choose what to shine on, it shines on everything.

I was thinking about my wife. There is great love from the sun for my wife. I feel the love for my family. That love from the sun is always with us. (Emotion is present in his voice).


I guess the light and the love can go through everything. It has the ability to heal and help grow things and help everything blossom and go green. We are made of this light. It runs through our body. I feel relaxed and at peace.


I feel that Mother Earth contains this light and love as well. She has a wisdom and wants to share that wisdom with us. I can connect more with this energy by caring for Mother Earth. Loving the trees.

I am thinking about my breath. Life is contained in the breath. When we breathe, we receive the light and the love.


I am thinking about water and the streams. How water feeds everything, feeds nature. It quenches our thirst and nourishes us, carrying nutrients to support life.

I see dancing. (Daniel is crying emotional tears). How people are dancing in circles in celebration.


I am thinking about fire. It is very powerful. It can be scary but also beautiful. It has the ability to change things. It can destroy old forms and create new life from the old.

I am thinking about wind. It can carry nutrients and seeds to spread new life to new areas. And the breath. It can carry the energy of life to sustain life and give life.

I am seeing that Earth is a small part of the vastness of the Universe. When we connect to our heart we connect to the vast universe, the consciousness of the universe. The Universe is intelligent and wise.

I am thinking about sound. Everything is vibration and energy. The energy and vibration has the ability to change, shift and move. It is a fact, but it is a fun fact, like dancing is fun. The fun is the opportunity to express. There is no right or wrong, there is only expression.

I feel we humans now have an opportunity to dance closer to the light, just basically to enjoy the new dance.


When Daniel emerged from trance, he said that being connected to loving energy felt natural, more natural than being on Earth. This wasn’t a surprise as Daniel has only had a few incarnations on Earth and Earth is the heaviest dimension in which he has ever been. His guides advised him to connect each day to the higher vibrations he experienced during the regression. This will help alleviate him missing home.

If you like, you can relax and meditate on Daniel’s descriptions and, with your imagination, create your own unique experience.

Why do we experience trauma that is carried across lives?



As I explained in my previous post, trauma from a previous life can manifest in a current life. After my clients have released the emotional energy carried over from a past life trauma, they often wonder why they had to experience such traumatic events in the first place. What value can we gain from such painful experiences?

Dechen’s story, detailed in my book, Other Lives, Other Realms, shows how a trauma can affect us across multiple lifetimes. As a sixteen-year-old girl named Lesandra, Deschen died terribly many centuries ago.

Lesandra shared a dirt-floored hut in rural England with her father and her sister. She felt exhausted after working all day in their small vegetable plot. Arriving home at dusk, she lay down to rest. Her younger sister began preparing the evening meal, intending to have it ready when their father returned.

Lesandra’s sister watched over a pot strung over an open fire, near Lesandra’s bed. Suddenly, the oil flared up. As the fire erupted, her sister panicked, and rushed out of the hut. Lesandra woke to a raging fire. Trapped behind the flames, she burned to death before she could find the door.

The fear from this death carried over into Dechen’s current life. As a doctor, she faced many life and death incidents. Some of these triggered debilitating anxiety. During the regression, Dechen re-experienced this past life, accepted the death and passed over peacefully. Afterwards, she noticed that her anxiety had disappeared.

Like many other clients, Dechen wondered why she experienced such a painful death.

During a life-between-lives regression, clients are given the opportunity to question the ‘Council of Elders.’ The Council is made up of wise beings who know us better than we know ourselves. They offer us their gentle wisdom.

I have noticed that clients are given the same answer whenever they ask why they have faced certain challenges. Which is? ‘You chose it.’

You may wonder how you can choose something before you were born. In the regression, you discover that you are much, much more than your physical body. Your greater self, or soul self, chose to be born. It chose to experience your past lives and your current life.

When we are born, we forget the choices we made during our life-between-lives. Indeed, some of the decisions we made then may seem inexplicable now. Why would we choose to experience a traumatic death? Why choose to be persecuted and tortured?

The Council explains. ‘To be whole, to complete your journey as a human on Earth, you need to experience life from all human perspectives. You need to know what it is like to kill, persecute and torture, just as you need to know what it is like to be killed, persecuted and tortured. You need to know what it is like to be fat, crippled and ill, as well as strong, healthy and beautiful.’

While this may seem perverse to us, the Council’s reasoning makes perfect sense. Sharing in every aspect of the human experience allows us to develop genuine compassion. We reach the point where we know that our only real choice is to love and accept every individual, just as they are. Once we know how painful it is to feel disconnected from love, to feel disconnected from our true self, we lose the ability to judge others.

Of course, there are times when judgment seems like a natural reaction to the worst excesses of human behavior—the callousness of terrorists, for example. But terrorists have cut themselves off from love. They have separated from their higher selves. Their hearts are set like stone. Remembering the pain of our past lives when we were disconnected, when our hearts weighed like granite in our chests, we soften, and feel compassion. There can be no happy ending for terrorists. They will suffer and struggle over countless lifetimes, acting out their anger and resentment. The pain their actions cause will spill over from lifetime to lifetime, until they gain sufficient insight to renounce and release their self-hatred, and choose instead to reconnect to love.

If our higher self chooses how we will be born and what we will experience, what level of free will do we humans have? I will address this question in my next blog.



How life between lives regression can be a life changing experience.

How life between lives regression can be a life changing experience.

Integrating the information you receive in your life between lives regression is an essential pre-requisite to having a life-changing experience.

Integrating the information you receive in your life between lives regression is an essential pre-requisite to having a life-changing experience.

Many clients describe the experience of their life between lives regression as life changing. Why exactly do they make this claim?

I decided to go through the notes of the clients I regressed one year to see if I could find any patterns in their experience.

I discovered that clients who were willing to open up to new possibilities and challenge their beliefs seemed to gain the most in terms of life changes. However there is a caveat to achieving this outcome that I will discuss later.

Some of the clients who appeared the most changed were quite challenged by the life between lives regression. They resisted some of the information flowing to them during the trance. I had to work hard to keep them focussed and accepting.

One sceptical person I will call George laughed loudly when the Council of Elders appeared in a stereotypical way. He described the Council members as wearing robes while sitting on cushions that were floating in a pond. A waterfall was gently falling behind them and there was angelic music playing. George thought this was esoterically kitsch and said “just what you’d expect if you believed in that stuff.” From time to time, this cynicism had him emerging from the trance. I had to keep reminding him to view it as just imagination and to simply enjoy the ride.

In spite of his cynicism, George experienced a profound change from his life between lives regression. During the regression he felt the love of his estranged mother who spontaneously came to him. He was advised to be more careful in his judgements in the future. His tendency to jump to conclusions had caused the damage in his relationship with his mother.

The experience of his mother’s love was with George as he emerged from the trance. This sense of love stayed with him and, months later, he said it had changed him. He is now more relaxed, more positive, more confident in life, more open to new challenges and possibilities and more loving.

George’s description of how he changed is similar to that of other clients. There is a fundamental shift in the way they see the world. They transcend some of their fears and pessimism.

One client, Rita, was greatly resistant when told by her guide that she had chosen her body before she arrived on earth. Rita didn’t like the way she looked and she couldn’t imagine anyone choosing a body like hers. When, in the trance, we arrived at the opportunity of exploring this choice, Rita hesitated. She was struggling to accept that she had, as her greater self, made this choice.

I called on the Council to help and they gave her the courage she needed to move forward. Rita discovered there were important reasons for the choice of her body.

After the regression, Rita was not able to hold this new understanding. Rita had spent most of her life hating her body. Accepting responsibility for her body was too confronting.

Some months after the regression, we met. We discussed the previous regression. Rita had forgotten significant realizations. I encouraged her to listen to the recording and gave her some notes.

She rang me a few weeks later. The new view had taken hold. She was much happier and more at peace with herself, and undertaking new adventures.

The need to integrate the information gained in the regression is the caveat that I spoke of earlier. Life changes only happen if the learnings become a part of you as a physical being. The new information has to be accepted and integrated into your belief system.

The more willing you are to be challenged, during the regression and afterwards, the more likely you are to experience profound, beneficial change.

I strongly recommend fully utilising your investment in a regression by listening to the regression recording. The more often you do this the better. You re-experience most of what you felt and understood during the regression and gradually you change to be more of your true self.

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