Psychedelics substances take you into an altered state. Some researchers now claim they can cure PTSD and other trauma related mental problems with these substances.

A documentary on Netflix, How to Change Your Mind, has four episodes each exploring research into different substances, psilocybin, MDMA, LSD and Mescaline as potential cures.

Before American President Richard Nixon began his War on Drugs in 1971, several psychedelic drugs were being researched as treatments for mental illness. Some were showing promising results. All that stopped when these drugs were criminalized.

Just in the last few years, some researchers have gained permission to conduct studies in the efficacy of some psychedelic drugs. I wrote a blog on this some years ago about a study conducted in the UK.

In some studies, up 60% of the participants have recovered from using the drugs under supervision. Sufferers who are currently being treaded include those with PTSD, depression or OCD.

Although these studies have great potential, there are less invasive ways to treat these conditions. That includes hypnotic regressions such as those that I and others undertake with clients.

In 1988, I was a participant in a workshop conducted by Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP. I should mention that Richard had studied with the revered medical hypnotherapist, Dr Milton Erickson. In the workshop, Richard conducted an exercise he called, “Drug of Choice”.

We were broken into pairs so one person would be the therapist and the other the participant. The participant was to recall an enjoyable experience with a drug they had taken. Mine was pethidine but many others chose substances like marihuana, alcohol, ayahuasca, or LSD.

After the “therapist” put the participant into a light trance, she or he instructed the participant to go back to the drug experience of choice, while recalling each change of feeling-sense as the drug took hold. Once each feeling was recorded in sequence, the therapist instructed the participant to go deeper, reminding the participant of the drug effects, one after the other. The sequence was repeated several times until the participant was fully under the influence of the drug.

Bandler asked participants to stand up and walk around. Dozens of drunk and stoned people were laughing, smiling, and stumbling around that venue.

From this exercise, I learned that you do not need to take any external substance to find yourself under the influence of a drug. Later, a medicinal chemist told me that, to various degrees, we naturally create drugs in our bodies. In fact, we need to have this potential for any drugs to be effective.

Since then, I have not used Bandler’s exercise on anyone. However, I do help people make desired changes by inducing a hypnotic experience which is guided by an inner wise self, often also called higher-self or spiritual guides.

I help facilitate that healing process by asking the client questions about what they are experiencing. Some go into unresolved traumatic experiences that took place in their current life. Some recall unresolved traumas that occurred during their past lives.

Once trauma is released and resolved, they gain a deeper understanding of their Earth journey, while feeling lighter, freer, treasured and loved. Others are flooded with feelings of love and acceptance from the beginning, receiving messages that they have always been loved, were never alone, and will always been loved.

The positive loving messages clients receive are so powerful, people go on with their lives with this reassuring knowledge.

People who use psychedelic drugs have also reported life changing effects. Some feel euphoric, calm and peaceful. Some also report feeling fearful and anxious. Overtime research may find the best way of using these drugs and who are the best candidates to be therapeutically using them. In the meantime, hypnotic regression works well on most people.

No doubt there are many people in our modern world are feeling sad, negative, lost and doubtful. Inner experiences of loving reassurance can relieve suffering, giving us an opportunity to discover a lighter happier way of being.

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