Congratulations to our Winners




First Prize: A Past Life Regression and a Life-Between-Lives Regression

The winner is Rebecca S

Second Prize: A Past Life Regression

The winner is Megan S

Third Prize: A Past Life Regression

The winner is Rose I


We would like to thank the 333 people who signed up to receive our newsletters and be in our competition. We like to hold these competitions from time to time. The people who have won in the past have had some wonderful experiences. In fact one gave me permission to use her interesting case in my book, Other Lives, Other Realms.

Our next blog, due out in a few weeks, will address the issue of Karma. Is there such a thing as Karma? What have people in regressions discovered about Karma? Do we need to worry about creating bad Karma.

Watch out for this interesting take on Karma in our upcoming blog.


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