In this podcast, my guest, Jon, the busy CEO of a Construction Consultancy Company, shares his how he has achieved success and a well-balanced life while being aligned to Source. He came for a regression mainly out of curiosity about his past lives and other experiences. He was not disappointed, reliving several disturbing past lives, one as a young man caught up with types like the dangerous “peeky blinders” in the early 20th century.

Jon also recounts his understanding of a strange experience he had during the regression. I had never encountered this before but we discover that it relates to two past lives he relived. We discuss this strange experience in the podcast. 

Jon recalls some esoteric experiences he has had, including one related to his wife and another to his mother who passed earlier this year. He had also wondered why he was compelled to binge on documentaries about a historical period. He explains how these puzzling experiences were cleared up during his regression.

Like most of my guests, Jon, via his guides, has useful wisdom to share that may be helpful to listeners.

Watch out for the next podcast, when Mark, an Air Traffic Controller, shares his extraordinary regression. Mark received information on many fronts, including love and disappointment. He already knew that life on planet Earth can be tough and seem pointless – the past lives he visited carried that sentiment too – but Mark was in for a surprise. The regression “cleaned the window” so he could see the purpose of our lives on Earth. He received wisdom on love and life as well. 

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