How do we re-join our soul self?

How do we re-join our soul self?

Q: How do we re-join our soul self at the end of our life? Does some healing take place?

A: This is a great question because there is much confusion about who we are as humans and who we are as souls. Perhaps I can tease out these ideas to foster a more accurate understanding.

We are never really separate from our soul self. It is all a matter of perspective. Let’s use an analogy to help us understand this concept of perspective. As a human, you decide where you put your attention. You can be talking to your daughter and completely absorbed in what she is saying, doing your best to understand her perspective. Or you may be distracted because your rent is due and you have no money to pay it. So you pay scant attention to your daughter.

In this example, you are deciding where to invest your energy. Energy follows attention.

Before you are born, your soul chooses to incarnate with a plan, including certain goals it hopes to achieve. Your soul invests energy into this new human life. Although your human self is still a part of your soul, you are born with the illusion of separation. You forget who you really are. With this illusion, you make choices about how to live your life. You are not consciously aware of your soul’s plan, but there are waypoints during your life that point you in the plan’s direction. You have free will so you choose to follow these pointers or not.

When you pass over and leave your body, you do not actually re-join your soul self. Instead you gradually become aware that you were already joined, already a part of your soul.

This is also what happens during regressions. You suspend judgement and expand your perspective to include the possibility that you are much more than just your physical self. You cannot arrive at your life between lives while you are holding negative thoughts or attitudes. Negativity is not compatible with the higher realms.

This means your beliefs have the power to disrupt your experience of death. Instead of moving to your life between lives, you may find yourself trapped in the illusions of the physical world.

This happens when you refuse to accept your death. You might be afraid or angry. You might not be ready to die or not want to leave loved ones. You might be stuck because you believe there is nothing after death. Being aware and conscious, you think you are still alive.

I have had clients who drowned in a past life but refused to die. During the regression, they do not pass over straight away. They are in the water still fighting for their life. They might have been ‘dead’ for hundreds of years but they have been unable to accept it. Others are still fighting their enemy or murderer. Some are still running from their executioner. Some are wandering in the desert, thirsty and lost. Others are stuck in a coffin or a place of silent, spacious darkness.

None of these situations or places actually exist. They are illusory creations of these people, based on their beliefs and fears at the time they died.

When you are still deeply connected to the Earth, like these folk who are stuck, you are not aware of your connection to your soul.

As you can imagine, if you are carrying the fear and desperation of an unresolved past life, you are likely to suffer anxiety and stress. You will react whenever a current life situation echoes your past life death. This can happen when you are watching a movie or reading a book.

You can release this trapped energy in your current life. This is one reason people come to a regression. They feel anxious, sensing something is unfinished.

After death, at the gateway to your life between lives—both in real life and in a regression—your guides help shift your attention from the past life to your life between lives. They do this by taking you to a place of recovery. Those who have had traumatic deaths, a long debilitating disease, or a long life usually need this assistance. This process involves an infusion of positive energy into your body. Even in the afterlife, you sense having a body. Typically, you feel white light or a pulsing energy penetrating into you. You are lying on a special bed surrounded by helpers and various healing devices. This is a pleasant and refreshing experience, often concluding with a walk in a beautiful natural environment.

When you are fully aware of your emersion with your soul, you can experience all perspectives. You can place your attention on your human self, your past life selves or your higher self.

What I have written is here based on the many regressions I have done where information is provided from the Higher Consciousness Beings. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them here or send them to me.

Why so much brutality?

Why so much brutality?

I recently asked readers to send me questions they would like answered. Thanks to those who responded. Please feel free to send me questions at any time. Here is a question on an issue that I think puzzles many people. My answers are based on the information we have received from Higher Consciousness Beings who inform us during the regressions.

Q: It appears that unconditional love is the highest spiritual aspiration. Yet we live in a world in which each creature, plant, insect, animal and human is subjected to larger predatory adversaries – the survival of the fittest.  It can be quite brutal, with no apparent love operating. I don’t understand it at all.

A: We are all One (the Source) and in our highest form, we are love. Somewhere, sometime, somehow, in our highest form, we separated parts of the One from the whole. Why? To experience and expand. In other words, to play games of separation.

We have learnt that in various dimensions, places and planets, many games of separation are taking place. There is the game that ants and bees play. Each is physically separate from the whole but retain a strong non-physical connection. Flocks of birds that all turn together uniformly in the sky are playing a version of this game too.

Earth is a place where we humans are playing a game of extreme separation. We arrive, newborn, on the planet with little or no memory of who we really are. This amnesia is a condition of coming to Earth. And amnesia is the genesis of the brutality of which you speak.

With no memory of who we really are, we believe we are only physical beings. We think we are alone and totally responsible for our own safety and that of our tribe. We notice that others like us can die so we fear our annihilation. We don’t want to die so we fight to survive.

Animals have this survival instinct too. But they have more grace than humans, probably retaining some sense of a ‘home’ somewhere beyond the physical. They surrender to death, once it is inevitable. They don’t fight death like many humans do.

Fighting inevitable death is a great problem on our planet. The individual does not pass over completely, instead leaving some energy still focussed on the physical. During the regressions, we rescue energies trapped from past lives. This is usually a great relief to the client who was carrying this old negative energy, experienced as an extraordinary deep fear of death. Clients feel more peaceful and safer after the release.

Love is a part of this release. We connect with the lost and fearful parts of ourselves with love. We reconnect and then release the fear.

Love is the glue that holds us together while we are playing the game of separation. During the regressions, many clients are given a taste of complete connection. They are filled with unconditional love. It is a feeling of fulfilling connection, we call the Oneness. This is given as a reminder of who we really are.

The game of separation does have a goal or a purpose. It is a game of evolving, expanding and growing wise from experience. On Earth, we incarnate many times, usually having thousands of lives.

In the beginning, we might retain some sense of where we came from. Over time this dissipates and we become completely immersed in the physical, believing that is all we are. In this state, we view ourselves as completely separate from others. We will do anything to survive, and our thinking can be distorted in many dark ways. We may kill, rape and torture and we experience the same being done to us. This is the game of extreme separation. We hate all vulnerability, in ourselves and in others. We can be stuck in this place for a thousand or more Earth years. Eventually, at the soul level, we plan our return to connection. Some of the most moving past lives are these lives of turning back to connection and redemption.

As you can imagine, remembering the damage you have done in your past lives is very challenging. Now we really suffer. Before when we were extremely separated we were shut down emotionally and physically. We were numb. Now we begin the unfreezing, and wow, does it hurt!

But with this hurt comes much understanding, forgiveness and eventually wisdom. We remember who we are as we climb back through many more lives, gradually reconnecting, slowly learning to love and accept ourselves and others just as we are.

Now we really understand what it is like to be lost and disconnected. This contrasting experience brings a new and deep appreciation for feeling love and connection.

Can you see that as you learn to love and accept yourself, all your past lives—both dark and light, you are also learning to love others? Love of self and love of others is actually the same thing. When you stop judging yourself, you stop judging others. You feel compassion for yourself and you feel compassion for others—no matter how dark or lost they currently are.

This long sojourn of incarnating on Earth culminates in being a greatly expanded soul who is wise, compassionate and loving.

Do we then go back to Source? The truth is we never left Source. We only thought we did. We are always connected and part of the whole whether we know it or not.

If this blog brings up any questions for you, please let me know. I would love to help expand your understanding.


Why post: Can you help?

Why post: Can you help?


When you signed up at one of the Spirit Festivals for my blog, I promised I wouldn’t post too much. As you might have noticed, I have kept this promise. I have hardly posted at all. A few people have noted this and suggested I do more posts. But before I started, I needed to think more deeply about why I haven’t been posting.

I am writing several books, some for a USA publisher on behalf of The Newton Institute and two that will be submitted under my own name. These books use client cases. Publishers require unpublished material. This has inhibited me from writing about cases in my blogs. I can use a case twice provided the words written are different. I take my commitments seriously so this means tracking all that is written. Possible, but time consuming and complicated.

So what should I be writing about in my blogs? What would people like to know? I have come up with a couple of ideas.

I have spent the last twenty-five years focussing on recovery, recovering the parts of myself lost in the struggle to survive, not just in this life but also in other lives. Shamans have a name for this process, “calling the spirit back.” The idea is to become whole. Interestingly the word “holy” comes from this concept. I make no claim to be enlightened but I am endeavouring to live an enlightened life, choosing to do my best to overcome many challenges. I thought I would share some of my journey with you.

From 1998 to 2008, I was a regular contributing writer for The Courier Mail, Queensland’s major newspaper. At the time, I was a private practising psychologist named Karen Nixon and I wrote from that perspective. Although I wrote feature articles from time to time, mostly I had a column where I answered client’s questions. This was fun. I enjoyed answering questions using my experience with my psychology clients, clients who taught me a great deal. Readers seemed to enjoy this approach too and I developed quite a following.

I wonder if you have any questions you would like answered. Past life and life between lives regressions give us much information about life and the Afterlife. I would like to share some of this wisdom with you, focussed on your needs and curiousity. All you need to do is ask. You can email me via the contact page on this website. When useful, I will still refer to client cases, with clients’ permission, of course.  I am very fortunate that ninety-nine percent of clients give me permission to anonymously use their cases when they fill out their intake form.

These are my ideas about the content for my blog. I am interested in any ideas you have and anything you would like to know. Please comment below or contact me via my contact page if anything comes to mind. I would love you to share your thoughts and ideas.

Thank you!



How do you cope with innocent people dying?

How do you cope with innocent people dying?


If you are someone who hates injustice, you are likely to frequently see innocent people dying. Just turning on the news will do it.

You probably felt disturbed and much compassion towards the people trapped in Grenfell Tower in London as it burned. They died because the cladding on the building was unsafe, suggesting someone put profit ahead of people’s safety. Even if the culprits are punished it does not bring back the seventy-nine people who died.

If you look at a snippet of this tragedy, you are likely to feel angry. For example, one thirteen-year-old sent a text to her friend before being engulfed. ‘We are not going to make it. I love you.”  You cannot easily feel at peace with this if you take the short view. This young girl lost her life just when it was about to really begin. How can you find justice in that?

We cannot know anything deeper about this girl, but we can look at what Newton Institute practitioners are finding all around the world as they take tens of thousands of people into their past lives and life between lives. They and their clients discover there are reasons why people die and have short lives. Here are some of those reasons:

People lose a loved one because they are learning how to deal with loss. For example, one woman lost her first child to a miscarriage. Then she lost her father to a heart attack not more than a year before losing her mother to cancer. She had dreams of losing her mother when she was much younger so that prepared her to some degree. Of all her losses, she coped best with the last. Because of the dream, she had made sure she cherished her mother while she was still alive. In the regression, she met her deceased parents and was told she was doing well with her life’s purpose, which was dealing with loss.

People lose loved ones to develop compassion. One client lost her child in a past life in the early nineteenth century. She was so devastated that she never recovered, shutting people out of her life. She had been shut down emotionally for many lifetimes, carrying a strong self-protective energy. The loss of her child opened her up emotionally. This shift carried over to her current life where she is gradually softening and learning to be more compassionate.

People also lose loved ones through suicide. In part, this can be about family members learning the lessons outlined above but more likely a person suicides because she or he is struggling with the demands of being physical in this hard school that is the Earth system. In the Afterlife, they can be exposed to the pain suffered by those they left behind. That can be enough to turn them away from suicide in a subsequent life. But some have a habit of leaving when the going gets tough. If this habit is not broken, next time they might get sick and die or have a fatal accident when life is difficult.

We have discovered some principles about death:

  • No one dies without agreeing to their death, either at the soul level before they incarnated or at the physical level when they are incarnated.
  • Once they have let go of physicality, death is beautiful. They feel relief, peace and happiness.
  • Those who leave early to help others grow are having what we call a ’gift life.’ Their main purpose in that life is for others evolution, not their own.
  • Loved ones pass but their love for us and our love for them is unchanged. In many ways, they are still with us.

Once you deeply understand that our lives and our deaths are purposeful, dealing with loss can be a little easier. You still need to grieve, but eventually you might be able to move past the shock and horror to see the larger perspective, accepting that there is order in our universe. Nothing happens without a reason.



Why did Trump win? A spiritual perspective.

Why did Trump win? A spiritual perspective.

Many people, all around the world are reeling, from the outcome of the American election. My colleagues, many of them spiritually focussed, hoped Hillary would win. Now many are struggling to understand the outcome.

Many spiritually minded people hold the belief that we are coming into a new consciousness which encompass the feminine energies of inclusion, acceptance, respect, positive renewal and care for others. If this is the case, why did Trump win?

Life-Between-Lives regressions give us a great deal of information about how our system works. Here are some points to consider and a number of possible reasons why Trump is now president-elect.

  • Our universe is expanding. We know this scientifically, and in the regressions this is often confirmed, but with a slightly different emphasis. The universe is expanding because humans are expanding in experience. The Higher Level beings that look out for us want us to continue expanding our experience. How do you expand in experience? You have experiences that you have never had before. Is a Trump presidency likely to be different and novel? Given that politicians and commentators say they don’t really know what to expect, the answer is yes. So a Trump presidency creates more novel experience and more expansion.
  • Humans have free will. Having free will means we can receive or ignore any specific information. We can look at situations with a positive focus or a negative view. Our free will is absolute.
  • We create our reality. Our thoughts and actions create a vibration that we send out and what we send out comes back to us. Our negative views also come back to us too. If I suggest to you right now, ‘Don’t think of blue,’ you couldn’t help but think of blue. Do this often enough and universe sends you blue. So what happens if many millions of people think, ‘I don’t want Trump’ along with many who think ‘I do want Trump’? In fact, all are creating together, inadvertently or not, to get Trump.
  • Our lives are planned. You can follow the plan or you can ignore it. Many people coming to undertake a Life-Between-Lives regression do so in order to discover if they are on track with their plan. If you are in alignment with your plan, you will mostly feel comfortable, joyful and inspired. If you are not, you will often feel unhappy, irritable, anxious, depressed or ill. Whether you resist your plan or not, you will eventually gain the experience and knowledge you are after, whether that takes one lifetime or a thousand.
  • Planet Earth is also subject to a plan. The plan will be fulfilled even if a few detours are taken off the main road. In any case, no detour is wrong. A detour is experience and experience is expansion. In our universe there is no such thing as waste. All experience is valuable.

Is a Trump presidency a detour or is it part of the plan?

Let’s assess this in light of the previous points.

Novel experiences expand our universe. A Trump presidency is a new experience for all of us. So that means it is likely to be part of the plan.

We individually and collectively create our reality. We all created a Trump presidency with our focus on wanting it or not wanting it. A Trump presidency is therefore in alignment with the level of our collective spiritual development. Whatever happens we are likely to grow in awareness, individually and collectively. So that probably means it is part of the plan.

Trump himself seems to be aligned with his life plan. He is physically well, energetic, personally positive and happy. He has spent his life totally believing in himself and his ability to win, so much so that what most of us have termed losses, he sees as wins. He is the perfect model of the power of belief in creating one’s reality. Each of our plans form part of the larger plan for our planet. So if Trump is aligned with his life plan than his presidency is also part of the plan.

Many of us spiritually minded people believe that we are coming into a new consciousness. Having a Trump presidency does not deny this. The tolerance of difference and minorities expanded dramatically after the horror of discrimination practiced in Nazi Germany.

I don’t believe we will stoop to those depths again, but good things can come out of challenging experiences. We can see how the feminine energies of inclusion, acceptance, respect, positive renewal and care for others are emerging in our world. This emergence sometimes comes from the rejection of horror observed in well publicised attacks, rapes, murders and incidents of domestic violence. The change is happening. Trump is sure to be a part of that change.

If you were concerned about what a Trump presidency will bring, I suggest you relax and take a positive view, remaining open and curious.

Perhaps you would like to take a leaf out of Trump’s book and create your own positive reality. To do so, take control of your thoughts and actions. If you have trouble doing that, seek help to release your fears, your negative thinking and get back on track.

Here is a link to recordings by Esther Hicks, channelling Abraham, about creating your reality. The information Abraham gives is the same as that channelled through certain advanced souls during their Life-Between-Lives regressions.

Abraham on creating your reality


Why do we experience trauma that is carried across lives?



As I explained in my previous post, trauma from a previous life can manifest in a current life. After my clients have released the emotional energy carried over from a past life trauma, they often wonder why they had to experience such traumatic events in the first place. What value can we gain from such painful experiences?

Dechen’s story, detailed in my book, Other Lives, Other Realms, shows how a trauma can affect us across multiple lifetimes. As a sixteen-year-old girl named Lesandra, Deschen died terribly many centuries ago.

Lesandra shared a dirt-floored hut in rural England with her father and her sister. She felt exhausted after working all day in their small vegetable plot. Arriving home at dusk, she lay down to rest. Her younger sister began preparing the evening meal, intending to have it ready when their father returned.

Lesandra’s sister watched over a pot strung over an open fire, near Lesandra’s bed. Suddenly, the oil flared up. As the fire erupted, her sister panicked, and rushed out of the hut. Lesandra woke to a raging fire. Trapped behind the flames, she burned to death before she could find the door.

The fear from this death carried over into Dechen’s current life. As a doctor, she faced many life and death incidents. Some of these triggered debilitating anxiety. During the regression, Dechen re-experienced this past life, accepted the death and passed over peacefully. Afterwards, she noticed that her anxiety had disappeared.

Like many other clients, Dechen wondered why she experienced such a painful death.

During a life-between-lives regression, clients are given the opportunity to question the ‘Council of Elders.’ The Council is made up of wise beings who know us better than we know ourselves. They offer us their gentle wisdom.

I have noticed that clients are given the same answer whenever they ask why they have faced certain challenges. Which is? ‘You chose it.’

You may wonder how you can choose something before you were born. In the regression, you discover that you are much, much more than your physical body. Your greater self, or soul self, chose to be born. It chose to experience your past lives and your current life.

When we are born, we forget the choices we made during our life-between-lives. Indeed, some of the decisions we made then may seem inexplicable now. Why would we choose to experience a traumatic death? Why choose to be persecuted and tortured?

The Council explains. ‘To be whole, to complete your journey as a human on Earth, you need to experience life from all human perspectives. You need to know what it is like to kill, persecute and torture, just as you need to know what it is like to be killed, persecuted and tortured. You need to know what it is like to be fat, crippled and ill, as well as strong, healthy and beautiful.’

While this may seem perverse to us, the Council’s reasoning makes perfect sense. Sharing in every aspect of the human experience allows us to develop genuine compassion. We reach the point where we know that our only real choice is to love and accept every individual, just as they are. Once we know how painful it is to feel disconnected from love, to feel disconnected from our true self, we lose the ability to judge others.

Of course, there are times when judgment seems like a natural reaction to the worst excesses of human behavior—the callousness of terrorists, for example. But terrorists have cut themselves off from love. They have separated from their higher selves. Their hearts are set like stone. Remembering the pain of our past lives when we were disconnected, when our hearts weighed like granite in our chests, we soften, and feel compassion. There can be no happy ending for terrorists. They will suffer and struggle over countless lifetimes, acting out their anger and resentment. The pain their actions cause will spill over from lifetime to lifetime, until they gain sufficient insight to renounce and release their self-hatred, and choose instead to reconnect to love.

If our higher self chooses how we will be born and what we will experience, what level of free will do we humans have? I will address this question in my next blog.



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