Psychedelic Drugs and Spiritual Hypnosis

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Recently a client told me about her experience in South America at an Ayahuasca retreat.

Ayahuasca is a psychedelic drug that induces altered states of consciousness. The active ingredient in Ayahuasca is N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a chemical that was artificially synthesised in 1959.

Ayahuasca has been used in special ceremonies by the South American Indians for thousands of years. Shamans conduct these ceremonies that are focussed on healing and personal transformation.

My client had a number of profound spiritual experiences while under the drug at the retreat. One positively changed her life-long troubled relationship with her mother. She reported that other people on the retreat also had transformative experiences.

The drug, Ayahausca, becomes active when two different plants are mixed together. Unfortunately there are toxic chemicals in these plants as well as the active ingredients. These toxic chemicals can make you extremely sick with nausea and vomiting. The Shamans reframe this toxic reaction as necessary purging and say it is part of getting rid of your toxins. Actually it is just getting rid of the toxins you ingested from the plants.

People who take Ayahuasca report leaving their bodies, going to heaven or the “other side,” becoming infinite and close to God. They describe it as being like a Near Death Experience (NDE).

Others warn that taking these psychedelic drugs can be dangerous. You might experience a bad trip and pick up negative energies.

Another way

There is another way to have the profound experiences described by people who take these psychedelic drugs. That is the reason my client was coming to me. She could see that a Life Between Lives Regression (LBL) could offer a similar experience, but without the debilitating purging.

As described by many people, experiences of a LBL, a NDE and psychedelic drugs are similar. There is death, leaving the body, going to the Afterlife and other Realms, meeting loved ones who have passed, meeting your soul group, gaining wisdom and love from the Council of Elders, God or other Enlightened Beings, going to where you planned your current life, sometimes going to other planets or galaxies.

Another client, Henry, came for a LBL, expressing his interest in one day taking psychedelic drugs to further open his mind. Before we started the LBL, we created an intention for a psychedelic experience during the LBL.

Although words are inadequate to describe what happened, what follows is what Henry reported to me during his experience. There were long pauses between his sentences when his visualisations were unfolding.

I feel so big I cover a galaxy. I am being shown that I am a part of all that is.

Now I have felt myself come back into a physical form and I can see my chakras with all their lines of energy around me, and coming into me.

I am floating and really small. Tiny. Tiny.

There is something massive spinning in front of me, like a Ferris wheel, only huge. I am watching it. It’s a great big energy vortex.

Now I am a spot of light, a speck of dust in the sunshine.

Back now, floating in space.

I am looking at the world from the view of an eagle. I am the eagle, sweeping over a mountain, watching some people walking along a path cut into the bush on the side of the mountain. I feel free.

I just landed on the limb of a dead tree.

Now I feel the dome of the world pushing down on me, like I am being screwed into a glass jar.

I asked Henry what this meant.

It’s the restriction of physical life, pushing down on me, rather than me being who I really am.

I ask Henry is it possible to be free and physical.

Yes. That is what we are working towards.

I am looking over the horizon while standing on a high plateau. I see the arc of the world, the curve of the horizon. I feel peaceful and contented as if everything is right, in place. And I have a sense of freedom.

Now I am walking through skyscrapers and crowds of people, like in New York or Tokyo. At the same time, I have that high panorama in front of me, like a hologram reflected on an oval-shaped, translucent egg that surrounds me. Even in this tight, crowded place, I have this wide perspective giving me that same sense of freedom and contentment.

Henry was thrilled by this “trip.”

While he was still in the trance, I gave him the opportunity to anchor this wide, freeing perspective into many areas of his daily life so he would continue to carry this new sense of personal power and freedom with him.

I want you to know that you don’t have to go to South America and take toxic plants to have a psychedelic experience that can positively change your life.

You can do it safelywith any Micheal Newton Institute practioner, of which there are over 200 around the world.

Similarities  between a Near Death Experience and a Life Between Lives Regression

Similarities between a Near Death Experience and a Life Between Lives Regression

A typical Near Death Experience (NDE) is similar to a Life Between Lives Regression (LBL) but with some key differences.

To have a Near Death Experience, an individual has suffered a trauma so severe that he (or she) has physically died. The NDE takes place while the individual is “dead” and terminates suddenly when he is revived.

A Life Between Lives Regression is significantly different in a most important way. The individual chooses to undertake the regression. All through the experience, the individual is guided by an experienced hypnotherapist. There is no pain and no trauma. The Life Between Lives Regression takes place in a  context of serenity and security.

However apart from this key difference, there are many similarities between a Near Death Experience and a Life Between Lives Regression.

There are nine elements that have been identified as common in the Near Death Experience.

  1. Sound: The individual hears a buzzing or ringing noise while having a sense of being dead.
  2. Peace and Painlessness: Any pain the individual has experienced from the trauma disappears and he has a sense of peace.
  3. Out-of-Body-Experience: The individual senses that he has left the body and is floating above his physical body.
  4. The Tunnel: He feels he is being drawn into a tunnel usually quickly, until he sees a while light. Not everyone experiences a tunnel.
  5. No Tunnel Journey: He floats speedily upwards and can see the earth recede beneath him
  6. People of Light: He meets people who glow with light. Some are relatives or friends who have passed and who now greet him.
  7. Being of Light: The individual is greeted by a Being of Light. Some call this being God, Jesus or some other religious figure. He feels overwhelming love from this being.
  8. Life Review: The Being of Light shows him a review of his life. Most get the message that love is the most important thing in life.
  9. Reluctance to Return: The Being of Light tells him he must return but the love and peace are so profound most people return with great reluctance.

Researchers have found that people who experience a NDE are changed. Most change their priorities and value their relationships more than material things. Many are kinder and take on activities or work in order to help others. Nearly  all lose their fear of death.

In the LBL, the hypnotherapist guides the individual into a deep trance. During the induction most feel they are out of body and floating. A rare few hear a buzzing sound.

All people undertaking a LBL go through a death experience. This is because the hypnotherapist will guide them to a past life and at the end of that life they pass over. This death is not traumatic because the hypnotherapist makes sure the individual knows they are not alone and are safe and secure. After experiencing their death most have similar experiences to those who have a NDE.

The person having the LBL will float upwards. Some will see the earth recede. Some will go through a tunnel. Nearly all will see a white light coming towards them that turns into a Being of Light. This Being of Light is usually identified as their spiritual guide and often gives them his or her name.

Once the Spiritual Guide is encountered, the hypnotherapist takes a back seat and lets the Spiritual Guide do most of the directing. The hypnotherapist now asks questions in order to record the experience and get answers to the questions set beforehand. If the individual gets stuck or starts coming out of the trance, the hypnotherapist ensures the individual stays on track.

Most people experiencing a LBL meet relatives on the other side. These are usually part of their soul group. People experiencing a LBL feel a sense of overwhelming love. They do a life review but this is usually of the past life they re-experienced in the trance. They meet a Council of Elders who give them information about their past lives, their current life and their purpose. The Council also answers any questions they have.

There are other places on the other side that the individual can experience such as the body selection area, the place where they planned their current life, the library and even other planets. Usually they are guided by their Spirit Guide to go to places of benefit to them in their current life.

Unlike people experiencing an NDE, there is no reluctance in the LBL for the individual to return. The hypnotherapist ensures that the LBL is complete and the individual is ready to return before he or she is guided back to Planet Earth and the current life.

Anyone on the other side experiences a sense of timelessness. People who experience a NDE report that they lost all sense of time. This also happens in the LBL when the individual feels he has been away for minutes but is actually in the trance for hours. While in this state, the individual is fully focussed on what is emerging moment to moment, and in this sense, time does not exist.

There are many similarities between the Near Death Experience and a Life Between Lives Regression but there are some important differences.

The LBL is not associated with any physical trauma and is planned rather than spontaneous. The individual has the opportunity to have specific questions answered and explore selected places. The individual is guided by an experienced hypnotherapist from start to finish and only returns when he or she is ready.

Do We Experience Life After Death?

Do We Experience Life After Death?

Most people wonder about the answer to this question some time during their life. Some people feel certain life goes on after death. Others are sure that death is the end. And many just do not know.

Much evidence of life after death exists. You just have to go looking with an open mind.

Much evidence of life after death exists. You just have to go looking with an open mind.Others are sure that death is the end. And many just do not know.Others are sure that death is the end. And many just do not know.Others are sure that death is the end. And many just do not know.

Evidence supporting life after death comes from research into inexplicable experiences that individuals have. More and more people are reporting a phenomenon called After Death Communication (ADC). Another trend is reports by many people of having a Near Death Experience (NDE).

After Death Communication

Judy and Bill Guggenheim, the authors of the book, Hello from Heaven, spent seven years researching this question: “Is there life after death?” To answer it, they gathered evidence of after-death communication (ADC). An ADC occurs when an individual experiences spontaneous communication from a deceased friend or relative.

Contact can be received in a variety of ways. Some sense the loved one’s presence. A few hear their voice. Others feel their touch or experience a meaningful sign. A few smell an aroma that they associate with their late friend or relative.

People usually receive the contact while they are involved in mundane activities. They might be simply doing the dishes or driving. Many are half-awake or day-dreaming. Occasionally, an individual experiences the contact as some sort of warning but most people feel delighted and at peace. They sense their loved one is still around and okay.

Watch an interview on ABCs 20/20 with Bill and Judy Guggenheim below:

The After Death Communication Research Foundation (ADCRF) continues to gather people’s stories of their ADCs. Read recent accounts of ADCs by clicking here.

How many people experience an ADC? Bill Guggenheim estimates 20% of the American population. Earlier surveys  also found a significant percentage of people  have ADCs.

Percentage of people who report experiencing an ADC

  • In 1958, 50% of English widows sampled.
  • In 1971, 47% of Welsh widows sampled.
  • In 1975, 27% of Americans sampled.
  • In 1976, 31% of Icelanders sampled.
  • In 1977, 50% of Canadians sampled.

Near Death Experiences

NDE Dr Jeffrey Long, Jody Long and Paul Perry have researched 1,300 Near Death Experiences (NDEs). They were amazed at the consistency in these stories from people all over the world. Many of the people they interviewed knew nothing about the concept of Near Death Experiences before their life-threatening situation.

Dr Long claims that medical science fails to explain the consistency of these reports and the only plausible answer to the Near Death Experience is that people survive death and go on to experience other dimensions.

Dr Long and his colleagues have written a book that is based on their research called, Evidence of the Afterlife. It became a best seller after Dr Long appeared on NBC’s Today Show. You can see Dr Long’s interview  below:


People who experience a NDE or an ADC usually are spontaneously convinced that humans survive death. Generally they feel reassured and at peace. They make an effort to live their lives meaningfully and are more loving and helpful.

But ultimately each of us needs to discover the truth for ourselves. Listening to the stories of people who have had NDEs and ADCs can help, however, nothing is as powerful as personal experience.

A Past Life Regression and a Life Between Lives Regression is a personal experience that goes beyond our normal physical life. These regressions take us into the realms that people who have NDEs describe. An experience of a Past Life Regression and a life Between Lives Regression can be another step to you being convinced that life doesn’t end at death.


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