My guest this episode is Elizabeth Watson. Elizabeth, a scientist for many years working in microbiology, felt called to study clinical counselling. Then she qualified in transpersonal therapy and later past life and life between lives hypnotherapy. She is certified with the Michael Newton Institute of Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy and was the editor of their magazine Stories of the Afterlife for several years. Elizabeth has her own hypnotherapy practice doing in-person and online regressions. Her website is

In this podcast. Elizabeth shares some of her life changing experiences, including her near-death experience, a group past life regression, several meaningful past lives and meeting her Council of Elders in the life between lives. She explains the power of these regressions in her current life, including one that changed her attitude to the alcoholic dysfunction she has experienced in some family members.

Elizabeth also speaks about spiritual guidance, sharing how she has met several different guides in her regressions and in her work and how they interact with her. She also mentions her interest in extra-terrestrial lifeforms and planets and how her clients visiting these fascinating places have positively influenced her and others.

Watch out for the next podcast, when my guest is Erin who was widowed in her early thirties when she had two young children. Erin had a fear of heights which was addressed in her regression. She visited two past lives and had a most amazing experience after she died in these lives. Tune in to discover why her husband passed and what she discovered about her purpose and current life.



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