What happens when we die? Do we pass over peacefully? Can we become lost or stuck?

In my recent book, Lost Soul, Wise Soul: How Challenging Past Lives Shape Our Future, I address these questions. In my regressions, i have found that many of us don’t pass over and are called “lost souls” or “discarnate spirits.”

In the regressions, spirit guides tell us the real environmental problem for humans is the huge and accumulating number of spirits already lost, trapped and earthbound. We are unconsciously connected to these confused energies, which increases our fearfulness, exacerbates our pessimistic attitudes and leads us into making poor decisions.

Most people in our secular society believes nothing awaits us at death. The comfort of a belief in the Afterlife, which sustained humans in the past, has dissipated. The belief that there is nothing after death is the cause of much confusion for people when they die. Although they have left their bodies, their consciousness lives on. Not realising they are dead, they don’t know what to do next.

Recently, I reread the notes of a regression I did with a man some years ago. Justin, aged 40, was guided to experience a past life that occurred around 10,000 years ago. He shows us how life was lived and how death was handled in the past, when people believed life continued in some form. Justin describes where he is.

I see trees over gentle sloping meadows with a stream meandering through it. Birds are chirping. Sunlight is slipping through the canopy, and it lights up the green moss. My legs and feet are bare and I feel cool dirt that is not quite mud. I am about 10, white-skinned with hair of brown, nearly blonde. I am walking and when I find a large pond, I skim stones across the water. I get in the water which is cool and relaxing. it feels good on my skin. When I get out of the water, I sit on a nice sunny grey rock. 

It must be close to midday in this small clearing, as the sun is right over head, shining over my right shoulder onto the pond. I turn to my left and see a small waterfall flowing over the rocks. I walk towards the falls and look behind to find a tiny cave where it is much cooler. It doesn’t lead anywhere. I see a fish. I have nothing to catch it with, but I thought it would be a good fish to catch.

I find a grassy area which is currently in the shade of a pine tree in a temperate forest. I sit in the grassy area looking out over the pond, watching light moving over the ripples of the water. I see the fish again. While I am sitting there in a meditative state, I am wondering if the fish is top of the food chain and if he has any predators. Now I notice a tiny little bird sweeping down over the water.

Now I am a little bit older in the same place. Ahh so. It is not like it was before. Now it is different. I hear twigs breaking around me. I know it’s a bear. I feel like the bear is across my chest. I don’t feel afraid. I sensed it was there. I didn’t run. It’s not a huge bear. I feel like it is inevitable—just the way it works. I am accepting. I don’t feel any pain now because I am gone. My last thoughts are to do with the fish. I could have taken the fish or let it go but the bear didn’t have a choice. It doesn’t have any self-control yet.

I am sitting watching over my body now. I get a feeling that the bear didn’t really want to kill me. It walks away. It was a fear reaction, a protective reaction from a young bear nearing adulthood. I am thinking of other people and how they will react to my death. They won’t take it too badly. It is the way it is. They will accept it.

Those people believed in some sort of reincarnation, ancestor spirits and so forth. Everyone is different now in regard to death. There were many different cultures back then. Not so many now.

There was time for contemplation back then and there was nothing much else to do. I was in the present, observing what was happening. Except when the bear got me. I was probably daydreaming when it came, contemplating the world. I don’t feel that was bad. You need to spend those both times, contemplating and also being present.

Justin is keenly aware of the difference between the protective reaction of the bear and the calm choices he made. He didn’t need to catch the fish and he accepted his death peacefully.

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