Have you noticed that at funerals, the loving relatives who speak publicly often address directly the one who has passed?

The relatives tell the one who has died how much he or she meant to them and how much they will miss them. Since the person they are addressing is dead, that might seem strange. But there is a good reason why it is perfectly natural. Those loving relatives sense that their loved one is still present. And, believe it or not, often they are.

I have been to a few psychic medium presentations lately. Mediums receive communication from individuals who have died. In the audience, someone recognises the presented details as fitting a passed loved one. Through the medium, the spirit has a message for the audience member. Sometimes the audience member learns that the passed spirit was at the funeral, and the spirit often gives details of what took place. 

During regressions, some of my clients learn that, after they died at the end of a past life, they attended their own funeral. One particular client comes to mind.

In her past life, my client, Leanne, was a man in a loving relationship. His wife had an accident, falling off a horse and ending up crippled. He looked after her, bringing her iced tea on the porch and, in the evening carrying her up the stairs. In the afternoons, they sat together on the porch conversing, watching the sun set, and quietly revelling in their deep love for each other. 

 Sadly, the wife died before him. He tells me what happened.

“I died around age sixty. After she passed, I grew some plants for her and watched them grow. It was five years. Too long. I missed her.”

I reassure Leanne. “Everything in the physical world passes. The body grows old and wears out. But nothing can take away the love and connection between you and a loved one.”

Leanne replies. “That is why I love sunflowers. That is what I planted in that life after my wife died, and I still do grow them.” She goes quiet for a few moments. “I feel peaceful now.”

Out loud, I wonder how he died in that past life.

Leanne places her hand on her chest before answering. “A heart attack.

”Can you see your body?” I ask. 

“I don’t want to look back. I am moving towards my family. I see a structure like a church. Big wooden doors. And I am entering as they are open. I think I am at my funeral in that life. It is busy. I am near the front at the side, watching. I am here because I haven’t valued myself.”

“What are they saying?” I ask.

“I am hearing that I was loving, selfless, humorous, cheery, talented, and a good friend. I didn’t realise how much I was valued. I didn’t know how much of an impact I made.”

Tears form in Leanne’s eyes.

“I feel the soul of my son is there.”

I check, learning that this is Leanne’s son in her current life.

“In that life, he was my nephew and saw me as father figure. He didn’t speak at the funeral, but I know what he is feeling because he is standing near me. He loved being with me. Fishing. Talking. He is going to miss that. We had a great relationship. He was like my son in a way. Such a beautiful soul. I see he has his own young family in that life.”

“People saw me as good man.” Leanne sums up, before going silent for a few moments. “We can go now.”

It is worth remembering when you attend funerals, that the spirit of the one who has passed may be there. When the death has been sudden or very sad, attending the funeral may be important for a soul’s development.

A friend of mine is a gifted medium. At a vigil held recently for a young man who had killed himself, she picked up his energy. “Holy shit!” She heard him exclaim, very excited. “Look how many people are here!” She said he was greatly impressed, realising how many people were sad that he had decided to go.

No doubt he was meant to understand how much he would be missed. We hope that, in his next life, he might be more reluctant to exit so quickly, instead asking for help and finding a way through his problems.

There are many opportunities to learn and develop our understanding of how this Earth system works. Attending our own funeral is one of them. 

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