Most of us don’t enjoy conflict and even fewer of us like war. Right now, a war is in progress and some of us are hearing unsettling stories about it. How can we shift our perspective and, instead, look for the positives offered by war and conflict?

We all have beliefs about who we are and how we might react in stressful situations. War gives us extreme and copious opportunities to be tested.

 On March 9th 2022, a Russian man called Sasha Pistun, who lived with family members in Berestyankan, near Bucha in Ukraine, heard a knock on his door. His mother-in-law, Valentina, explained what happened. Two Russian soldiers wanted to take away two women from the house. Sasha refused, saying “take me instead.” The soldiers shot him, then took the women to rape them.

What do the actions of these men indicate?

We are either connected to our higher-self and listening to its wisdom, or we are not. Disconnecting from our higher-self and Source is part of our soul journey, and we learn a lot from that. But being out of alignment with our higher self is not ultimately satisfying. Feeling lost, powerless and empty, the soldiers’ behaviour is revealing.

Sasha risked his life for his family. That he died doing so, only confirms who he really is—a man connected to higher vibrational energy, demonstrating his humanity by protecting his family. His soul will find peace.

The soldiers had physical power, but they misused it. Their connection to higher wisdom is lacking or non-existent.

On March 4th 2022, in Zabuchchya, north of Kyiv, Ukraine, a Russian soldier was about to shoot an old man and his son after finding a hunting rifle and some gasoline in their backyard. Another Russian soldier intervened and prevented the execution.

The bravery and inner strength of each of these men was tested. Did those about to be shot retain their dignity? What do the actions of the two Russian soldiers say about them?

Many forget that at a fundamental level we are all one. In that sense, what we do to others, we are also doing to ourselves.

Our inner accountant continues to calculate the impact of our actions, whether we are fully aware of that or not. The quality of our self-love and self-respect is a product of this reckoning, and will be either enhanced or diminished. Our internal “ledger” reflects our vibrational level. Although we might try to hide this from ourselves and others, in the spiritual dimension, we are transparent.

Wise people know that actions speak louder than words and take careful notice whenever a discrepancy arises between the two.

We are all tested in life. We think we know who we are, but it is our actions that reflect our current nature. On a journey of self-discovery, we need to closely examine our actions to see if they are in sync with our pure intentions. If not, we need to face our darker truth, and unravel any pain, loss and disappointment so we can release it. Then we need to focus on re-aligning with our higher-self.

Those caught up in the life and death struggle of war are given extraordinary opportunities to overcome their challenges and learn more about themselves. But the everyday conflict in our ordinary lives can do much the same. We all learn, and we are all tested. That is how we grow and that is the nature of life on planet Earth.

For more information on our soul’s journey through disconnection and re-connection, please read my latest book, Lost Soul, Wise Soul: How Challenging Past Lives Shape Our Future. It explains why we struggle and suffer and how we turn back to love and light.

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