Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are highly controversial characters. What can they teach us about creating our reality?

We can manifest what we want if we stay exclusively focussed, in present time, on the positive outcome we desire. I have done that myself in creating specific experiences. As well, I have a friend who made enough money to retire in her forties. She set out to, deliberately and mindfully, create that for herself, and it worked.

Does that mean, if we stay mindful, we can create any reality we want? One common thought is, “Well you can’t jump off a building and fly.”

That used to be true. But recently I read the autobiography of Jeb Corliss, Memoirs from the Edge: Exploring the Line Between Life and Death. When he was a child, Jeb visualised flying like a bird. Now he is the best-known wingsuit flier in the world. (Watch here).

Flying in a wing suit may not be the same as flying like a bird, but it probably feels pretty close.

Although Jeb has created his unusual reality, it is obvious that there are restraints on what we can manifest with our intention and a focussed mind. While we have a vulnerable physical body and live in a physical world, we are limited. The inevitable death of our physical body is part of the package we’ve taken on.

Trump and Putin are good examples of the limits of creativity when manifesting what we want.

Trump assiduously believed he would win the 2020 presidential election. Despite copious evidence of his loss, including the results of the election, sixty court cases, congress, his vice-president, the Supreme Court and many state republicans, he still stubbornly believes he won to this day. But his unassailable belief has not manifested the reality he had in mind.  He is not president of the USA.

Putin has done something similar. He believed when his army invaded Ukraine, they would be met by Ukrainians welcoming them with gifts of flowers. I remember many Ukrainians did just that to the Germans when they invaded the Soviet Union in 1941. That’s how much the Ukrainians hated the Russians. What was going on in Putin’s mind? Whatever it was, it was not based in any reality. Now he is fighting to save face by taking a smaller disputed area of Ukraine.

Obviously flawed beliefs, no matter how tightly held, do not manifest. To create the reality we desire, we need to know when our beliefs are flawed and when they are not. We can only manifest our heart’s true desire rather than our egotistical ambitions.

Jeb Corliss yearned to fly. It was his heart’s true desire. He describes it as the one and only dream that kept him alive when he felt suicidal. He realised his dream, but he was only able to do so after years of dedicated training, major breakthroughs in technology and meticulous assessment of the terrain and weather he confronts.

Jeb carries no good luck charms and completely relies on himself—not God or any greater power. I believe that serves him well. Why? Because any magical thinking is dangerous in his business. He needs to be completely grounded in reality to ensure his dream of flying is safe. Only when he is fully aware of the facts, does he jump off that cliff. 

Working out what is possible, what is false and what blocks us is not easy. Deliberately creating what we truly want involves tremendous self-belief and self-trust.

We are already living what we have created. Is it what we want? Creating the reality we actually desire is possible, but it takes effort, awareness and discernment.

If you are interested in knowing how to manifest the reality you want, learn more HERE.

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