A favourite focus of the New Age Spiritual movement is the idea that we can manifest the reality we desire. The book “The Secret” was a major contributor to beginning that trend. Recently I have been looking into the process of manifesting. I know two women who retired in their 40’s because they manifested enough money to do so. One did a deliberate process of manifestation and the other had a goal and made it happen through hard work.

Underlying the creation of what we want is a surprising truth: Our current experience is what we have already manifested. This means we are creating our reality whether we do it deliberately or not. Now we can ask ourselves: “Is my current reality what I actually want?”

Belief alone is not enough to create the reality we want. An example I have mentioned before is Donald Trump. He firmly believes he won the USA presidential election in 2020. Many people share this belief. But Donald Trump is not the president. How come his stubborn belief did not manifest? Something else must be more important to him than winning the presidential race. From his behaviour, we can deduce a deeper desire: He desperately wants to be the centre of attention. It seems he is manifesting that. Since the election in 2020, broadcasters and their audiences have  focussed attention on what happened back then, with the House January 6 Hearings and more. Trump is the centre of all that controversy.

The point here is that what we are manifesting is deeply held, and it is our heart’s true desire. If we want to know what we are creating, we need to determine our heart’s true desire? Let’s look at some examples:

Leo Little is in jail, and he will probably spend the rest of his life there. At 17, while committing a robbery, he shot a young man. He didn’t need to do this; he already had this man’s money. He claims he doesn’t know why he pulled the trigger, but I believe he doesn’t really want to know. In jail, he has studied to become a minister of religion, something he hopes might help him get parole one day. As soon as he committed this murder, he boasted about his actions to two women he knew. I suggest he did it to exercise power, thinking it made him a “big man.” But his heart’s desire is even deeper than that. He is learning about true power. In jail, he is discovering its opposite, because he is living with very little personal power. That is a useful way to learn.

Oprah Winfrey is someone who believes in the power of manifesting our reality. As she says, “we are the causes of our own effects.” She has spent her life learning about life and then finding a way to help others understand. I saw her in 2015 in Brisbane where she spent two hours sharing her life experiences with us and what she has learned. She didn’t need to do this for money, and I got no impression that she did it for any reason but authentic expression of her personal truth. I believe her heart’s desire is to understand and then share her life journey and what she has learned. I suggest her heart’s desire is to foster spiritual growth in herself and others.   

To identify your heart’s desire, you need to go below the surface and look closely at the life you have already created. Some questions to ask yourself might help:

  • How do I feel when I wake up in the morning? Do I feel light and happy to meet the day? Or do I feel heavy and weighed down with responsibility?
  • What am I doing each day and how do I feel about it?
  • When something goes wrong, how to I cope?
  • What is of paramount importance to me?
  • What would annoy me more than anything else?
  • What would I hate to be without?

Sometimes a close candid friend is worth consulting. Often others see us more clearly than we see ourselves.

Once we have identified our heart’s desire, we understand more clearly why our circumstances are as they are. If we are unhappy, we might want to moderate our heart’s deep desire and focus our attention on changing the way it is being expressed in our life.   

For more information on manifesting, check it out here.

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