Past Life Regression

The concept of a Past Life Regression assumes that you have experiences in a different physical body. You might not be sure if this is true.

Some people undertake a Past Life Regression even when they are unsure about the existence of past lives. In this case, the major requirement is being only mildly skeptical and open to many possibilities. Having rigid ideas about life makes the past life regression more difficult.

How do you know, absolutely that you have lived before? This is entirely up to you. You decide subjectively if this is true or not. For more information about reincarnation read my post: Do We Have Past Lives?

You might have noticed that you react to particular places or events on a first encounter. This feels very strange when you know you have never been to the place before or encountered such an experience before. This happened to me when I first went to Dresden in Germany. My sense of having been there before was so strong, I was wracking my brain, trying to work out if I could have been to this city in my current life. But I hadn’t. Later, during a regression, I discovered I had trained there in my previous life as a German soldier. For me this strange feeling was more evidence for the existence of past lives.

Even people who hold a belief in past lives occasionally think that they made it all up with their imagination. And this is fine. Experiencing a past life regression can be greatly beneficial whether you accept it as absolute truth or not.

Speeding through a tunnel, deep in trance, you emerge into a past life.
Each individual experiences a past life regression differently. A few are well immersed in the experience. Others are bi-located. They are in the past life and are aware of their current life at the same time. Karen is well experienced at guiding you through your past life and helps you work through and resolve any traumatic events comfortably. At the end of the past life, you usually meet your guide. Your guide helps you make sense of the past life, revealing themes recurring in your current life. In fact, you might find a themes being repeated over many of your lives. You are given helpful information and guidance so you can take advantage of the opportunities offered in your current life.

For most people, a Past Life Regression is an unforgettable and beneficial experience. It enables you to:

  • Release emotions or beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Retrieve useful and positive feelings or beliefs that give you a greater sense of personal power in your current life.
  • Explore and discover insights that allow you to grow in emotional and spiritual maturity.
  • Develop greater authenticity and self-awareness.

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