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Karen Joy is located in South East Queensland.

Her practice is at Maleny, in the beautiful hinterland of the Sunshine Coast.

Here the higher vibrational energies are clear, strong and easily accessed.

Welcome to Life Between Lives Regression


Welcome! You have probably arrived at this site with a great sense of curiosity.

You might be:

  • feeling lost and searching for your life’s purpose
  •  facing some challenges and  trying to make sense of your situation and experiences.
  •  unsure of your current direction.
  •  wondering if there is a plan for your life and if you are on track.
  • feeling down and want to know if life has any meaning.
  • struggling with your relationship with loved ones.
  • curious about the nature of the universe and how to make it work for you.

You might have:

  • doubts and fears and wonder if you survive death.
  • lost a loved one and want to reconnect.
  • wonder if you have had past lives with people in your current life.

If so, you have come to the right place.

Because Karen Joy can guide you into a Transpersonal Journey or a Past Life Regression or Life Between Lives Regression.

Click for more informaton on:

Transpersonal Journey

Life Between Lives Regression

Past Life Regression


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Lost Soul, Wise Soul, How Challenging Past Lives Shape Our Future, authored by Karen, is now available. Click here to learn more about this ground-breaking book.

Spiritual regressions present many opportunities.

  • Discover themes that are driving your current life.
  • Make sense of the challenges you have faced.
  • Find a deeper understanding of your personal relationships.
  • Reconnect with loved ones who have passed.
  • Discover your life purpose.
  • Connect with your true self and eternal nature.
  • Understand more about your life’s journey and the choices you have made.
  • Know if you are on track with your life plan.
  • Gain answers to your specific questions.

Here is an article Ten Signs of Unresolved Past Lives, by Karen Joy, which also might help.


“…and then suddenly there he was. There was so much love…”

Karen has been a Health Professional for many years.

Karen counselled thousands of individuals and couples as a psychologist for more than twenty years. The busy practice she started is still going strong.

She is certified in past life regression and trained in life between lives hypnosis by the Michael Newton Institute. She is now focussed on helping people who feel blocked, lost or who wish to know more about who they are, what they need and how to get it.

She has written bestselling books on past life and life between lives regressions and is well skilled and empathetic.

Karen can safely guide you on your transpersonal journey or into your past lives and life between lives.

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What clients are saying...


“I decided to try the Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression with Karen after having previously experienced twoPast Life Regressions with her. I felt that the process of “getting in the space” was quick and easy and Karen made me feel completely safe and open about my experience. The time I was there felt like minutes, but it was actually hours and I had the most amazing experience. I felt I had been given “the missing piece of the puzzle” about why I behaved the way I did and why I was who I was. The experience has allowed me to be more accepting of who I am as a person. I had a deep insight into a major life change which has led me to explore a creative option which I would have thought I was never capable of doing. The Life Between Lives session with Karen changed my life! I have found a deep connection to myself and an inner happiness that is finally being fulfilled. Thank you Karen.” Jen

“Each of my regressions with Karen have moved me further along on my soul journey. The first, a Past Life Regression three years ago, revealed a challenging life that resolved some loneliness and anger that I was holding. It took me nearly a year to process all that arose in that life. My Life Between Lives Regression took me deeper into buried hurt and anger, giving me a great deal of wisdom about my soul journey and my relationships with people. Afterwards, I felt more connected to those I love, becoming a better husband and son. The third regression released issues from my childhood that I didn’t even know were there. This regression completely resolved the problems in my relationship with my son. Our relationship changed so much, and so positively, that I watched this young adult resolve some of his own issues and grow much stronger and secure as a result. My most recent regression took me into other realms, showing me how I am a part of the whole universe, how much I am loved and how little I need to be afraid of anything. With each regression, my trust has grown and the information has flowed more and more easily and beautifully. At last, I am really starting to fall in love with life.”  Paul

For more comments from clients, click here.

Experience the journey via Zoom...

If you live far away from Karen you can still experience a Transpersonal Journey, a Past Life and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression. Karen has facilitated sessions in other states in Australia and in many countries around the world. All have reported profound experiences. See Atikai’s testimonial here.

People undertaking a spiritual regression usually find it is a trip that is nothing like any previous experience. For more information click on what it is like to have a Transpersonal Journey, a Past Life Regression or a Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression.

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