Life Between Lives Regression

Safe in the chair with an experienced hypnotherapist by your side, you explore the deeper all knowing consciousness accessed through the inner realms of your mind.

 The process of Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression usually takes the individual back to experiences depicted as a past life, and then into  exploration of their experiences as an immortal being. Although it seems the focus is in the past, this is not actually true. Ultimately the spiritual regression is happening in present time, but present time informed by ones past experiences.Karen is your guide, She ensures your safety and comfort. You are given information before you come to the session that helps you prepare for your journey. You have people you might want to meet on the other side and questions  you want answered. You are given an opportunity to prepare these. Only then do you embark on your path into the Life Between Lives Regression.

Your hypnotherapist gently shows you how to relax your body and how to release the chatter of your conscious mind. This is so you can travel deeper into the realms of your subconscious where the information you seek resides. You hear so many people tell you that the answer is within you, and it is, but most people need help to access this information, information that comes from your inner wisdom, your higher self, your spirit guides or whatever words you use to describe this inner realm.

Sometimes you are regressed back through “time” to a couple of special experiences in your childhood and occasionally to a time in your mother’s womb. Yes, it is possible to do this and, with a skilled therapist, much more easily than you would think. But often you are taken immediately to a scenario chosen by your guides. Usually this is a “past life.”  When you move to the end of that life, you gain contact with your spirit guide who continues to assist your earthly guide, Karen. You are taken to other realms and experiences. You are always given what you need, as the guides promise. And often also all that you wish to know. It is important to remember that every regression is different. The session is designed by your guides for you individually. It is important to have as few expectations as possible, apart from knowing you will get what you need.

All that is said is recorded. Playing this recording can take you back to the peace you found in the Life Between Lives state and it will continue to enlighten you for as long as you continue to listen to it. Some people transcribe the audio recording so they can easily be reminded of salient points. A life between lives used to take four to five hours, but the energies are changing and now three hours is usually enough to accomplish all you need. You will know when you are motivated to make the commitment to embark upon this important journey.

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