Listed below are the fees and details of the different sessions I offer. Click the button on the right of each bar to access more information.

Please read the details carefully so you can choose what is right for you. I encourage you to call or email me if you need more information or advice. I am very happy to help.

When you book, I ask for $100 deposit to hold your appointment. Because I am very busy, please give me at least two day’s notice if you need to cancel or or reschedule. Then, if you cannot reschedule, I will refund your deposit.

Currently, available appointments are three to four months ahead due to positive demand for these sessions.

Methods of payment are by Paypal, cash or bank transfer. I will email you more information on preparation, process and payment once your appointment is booked.

Past Life Regression $400

Your Past Life Regression (PLR) lasts three hours. I allow enough time during your session to discuss the process, set your intention and enable you to go into the trance.  Past Life Regressions are explained in in more detail in this link: Past Life Regression

Life Between Lives Regression $700

Life Between Lives Regression 4 to 5 hours.

The 4 to 5 hours Life Between Lives Regression is useful for those people who have read Michael Newton’s books and want to go to many different stations in their Life Between Lives. If your focus is specific issues in your current life, consider the special offer.

Clients who have experienced both the 3 hour and 4 to 5 hour life between lives regression have all been satisfied with the shorter version.

Michael Newton insisted that clients who wanted to experience a Life Between Lives Regression, undertake a Past Life Regression beforehand. I definitely recommend doing a Past Life Regression before undertaking a Life Betweeen Lives session, especially if you have never before experienced any of the following: hypnotherapy, regressions or a past life.

Why do we recommend the Past Life Regression first?

The Past Life Regression helps release previous life and current life trauma. That not only gives you useful information, you also develop more confidence in your ability to undergo the process of regression.

As well, the life tendencies and themes illuminated during a Past Life Regression are often explored in more detail during your Life Between Lives session. 

To access the LBL state, we take you through a past life death. However this past life is often brief as it is not our main focus in the Life Between Lives Regression.

If hypnotherapy and regressions are new, or a little daunting, doing a focussed Past Life Regression is great preparation for the Life Between Lives Regression. It can help you iron out any blocks or resistance.

A Past Life Regression can make the LBL Regression more fluid, easy and effective, especially if you tend to be a bit skeptical, apprehensive or uncertain.

I should note that few people are very intuitive or psychic,  and open and trusting. If you strongly believe you could proceed directly to a Life Between Lives Regression, I am open to be guided by your thoughts and intuitive feelings about what is right for you.

Here is a link that explains more on the nature of a Life Between Lives Regression.

SPECIAL: Two Sessions, Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Regression $700

This special price includes a 3 hour Past Life Regression and a 3 hour Life Between Lives Regression. Or any combination of two sessions including Transpersonal Journey.
Each regression must be done on different days and within 3 months of each other.

Doing the sessions a week apart or longer is preferable for some people but the two sessions can be done on successive days when necessary.
There is a reason I do not do the sessions on the same day. Often people experience heightened emotions during a regression and this can leave you feeling drained (in a good way). You need energy to  stay connected to your guides, higher self and wise beings. We do the sessions on separate days so your energy remains high all through the session.
Keeping your energy high is one of the reasons I offer the three hour Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression.
I find that people are accessing the trance state much more quickly now and that also makes the three-hour session sufficient.
Many clients have found this deal is excellent value and worthwhile. See more details of each session below.
Please read the details above on Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Regression to be clear on the offer.
Transpersonal Journey $400

A Transpersonal Journey (3 hours) might be your choice when one or more specific issues are your focus. For example, you might be anxious, angry or depressed but not sure of the cause. Or you might be experiencing unwanted patterns in your current life and want to release these.
A Transpersonal Journey is guided by your higher self, spirit guides or inner wise self. Whatever term works for you. We dont know where you will be taken. It could involve revisiting a past life, your life between lives or your current life.
We focus on each issue you have, asking your guides to take you where you need to go to unravel these issues. No matter where you go, the session all comes together at the end and is meaningful. I have done hundreds of these sessions and they are usually life changing.
You will sense whether you need more than one session. The impact of the issue/s and how long you have been struggling will help to inform you on this.

If you sense you need two sessions, you can take advantage of the special offer.

Do you need one or two sessions?

If your priority is experiencing a Past Life Regression (PLR), you probably only need one session.
If you have your heart set on experiencing a Life Between Lives Regression (LBL), then you are advised to book in for a PLR first unless you have already successfully had a PLR in the past or other hypnotherapy regressions. Some people who are very intuitive or psychic might skip the PLR if they feel confident.
For a Transpersonal Journey, you will sense whether you need more than one session based on your struggle with the issue/s, including the personal impact and length of time.

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