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Other Lives Other Realms Kindle Edition

I’m lying in bed and Simon is holding my hand. He kisses me and I see tears in his eyes. He tells me he has no regrets. He loves me. I am beautiful to him. He is going to miss me…

Death is not the end. Other lives and other realms await us. Of these, none is more miraculous than our life-between-lives. This is the realm we visit between incarnations: A realm of unconditional love, insight, guidance, hope and reconciliation. A realm where our life’s purpose becomes clear.

Karen Joy has guided hundreds of people through past life and life-between-lives regressions. As a skilled Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, she can take you to your life-between-lives, and bring you safely home. She offers all her clients one simple guarantee: you will get what you need. Join with Karen as she shares over fifty case studies that reveal the depth and breadth of the past life and life-between-lives experience.

 Karen Joy worked for twenty years as a psychologist and hypnotherapist. She qualified as a Life Between Lives Practitioner with The Newton Institute in 2012. Karen has written several books on relationships, and for ten years wrote a weekly column for The Courier Mail, Brisbane’s only daily newspaper. See more details about Karen here.

What readers are saying...


I read the first two chapters of your book while waiting for lunch in a café. I was/am impressed. Read more at home… Very engaging. I am sure Michael Newton would be proud of you. TF

I’ve already read the first few chapters.  Your writing is so clear and easy to follow and I loved your descriptions of hypnotherapy and regression.  I can hardly wait to read the rest.  I know I will be learning some new things. A.C.

I am reading your book and loving it. A.R.

You explain things so clearly and that is good for a novice reader. There is no confusing jargon. I set aside some time each day to read it. T.M.

It’s so well written and structured. This book is going to do well. J.A.

I started reading it and couldn’t put it down – it’s fantastic. It’s so well written and flows beautifully. I find the stories in it absolutely interesting and insightful. I found myself “relating” on so many levels with the case histories. B.H.

I really enjoyed your book. It was a great read. C.L.

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