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I am honoured to be your guide and look forward with anticipation to sharing the exciting experience of a regression with you. 

Below you will see the steps you need to take to prepare. 

Steps 1 and 2 are preparation for your regression and are strongly recommended. In fact, you can do Step 2 as many times as you like.

Step 3 is payment. If you already paid the full amount when booking, please ignore this step. There are several options for payment of your balance which is outlined in detail in this step.

Note: If you have any questions, please email me at:


Step 1. About Hypnosis

About Hypnosis
About Hypnosis
Tips and Information to optimise your regression experience.

Step 2. Practice Recordings

Please listen to the following recordings at least once each but not when driving any vehicle. Although they are practically the same, the first contains a little more information and is longer.

Step 3. – Balance of Payment  (Listed in Australian Dollars)

You have already paid a $100 booking fee to hold each appointment so the balance is $450. The full prices are listed below:

Past Life Regression full price: $550 (Balance $450)

Life Between Lives Regression full price: $550 (Balance $450)

Transpersonal Journey full price: $550 (Balance $450)

Please note the full amount of the regression needs to be paid a full fourteen before your appointment. This ensures your appointment will be held for you.

Please Note: I only do around three sessions a week and having people cancel or reschedule not long before their appointment is not viable for me or the people who wish to see me. It often means that appointment slot will not be filled because people need to plan to travel to see me for these long sessions.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, please do so as soon as possible and at least fourteen days before the appointment. If not your payments will not be refunded. I am sorry I have to put this regimen in place but experience has taught me that it is necessary.

You have several choices to pay the balance. You can pay the balance all at once or you can pay the balance in staggered instalments as long as the balance is paid a full two weeks before your regression.

Following  are the options for payment:

Direct Debit: You can pay by Direct Debit. Please send me a text or  email to let me know, including your name, the date of payment and the amount so I continue to hold your appointment. See details for Direct Debit payments in the box below.

Paypal or Credit Card: You can pay the balance with your Paypal account or Credit Card via Paypal.  See the links with different set amounts below (coloured floral emblems). 

Instalments: You can pay your balance in separate instalments. You can nominate the amount of each instalment, making sure the balance is fully paid before your first appointment. Paypal will notify me of the payment but, to make sure it has been received, you can email me with the relevant information (i.e. instalment, amount, your name and date of payment). To pay, use this payment link: Pay Karen  

Cancellation:  If you cancel, the booking fee is not refundable. The rescheduling app will only let you cancel a full two weeks (14 complete days)  before your appointment. If you have cancelled a full two weeks before and paid the full amount, I will refund the $450 balance. Please let me know if this is the case as the refund usually isn’t processed into your bank account for a week and I would like to make sure it is repaid promptly.

Rescheduling: You can reschedule your appointment using the button in the emails you receive BUT only if it is more than fourteen full days before your scheduled appointment.  If it is less than fourteen days before your scheduled appointment, the  Scheduling App will not respond to the proposed change. 

 Please call, text or email me if you are having any problems meeting these commitments.

Phone: 61 488634222  Email:

For bank transfer see directly below

Pay by Direct Deposit

For Bank transfer, the BSB is 124 068,

Account number is 22834452

Account Name: Life Between Lives Regression

Remember to email me re payment

Pay by PayPal and Credit Card

The following items are for PayPal payments.  Click on the button to process your payment via PayPal.  Use this option if you wish to pay by Credit/Debit Card.  PayPal can also process credit card payments.

Balance of Payment for a Single Session.
Balance of Payment for a Single Session.
$450 Balance of Payment Single Session.
Price: $450.00
Payment of Balance for Two Sessions
Payment of Balance for Two Sessions
Payment of the Balance of Two Sessions
Price: $900.00

Thank you for completing these tasks and making payment.

I look forward to our session together.

Karen’s Address

77 North Maleny Road

Maleny, QLD 4552

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