Dear Subscribers

We have been thrilled at the excitement expressed by the winners of our raffle at the Conscious Life Festival. They have now booked in for their regressions.

We have decided we will have another competition in six months. All you have to do to enter is be on our subscription list. As you have received this newsletter, you are already on our subscription list and eligible for entry. The prizes will be the same.

FIRST PRIZE: Life Between Lives Regression and Past Life Regression Value $800

SECOND PRIZE: Past Life Regression Value $300

THIRD PRIZE: Past Life Regression Value $300


You might remember that we had a 20% discount for festival participants who make a booking within 3 weeks of the festival. The appointment has to be taken within the next six months. This opportunity finishes on Wednesday, August 27.

You will know if you are meant to have a regression with us. It will play on your mind. We fully trust your intuitive guidance and the timing. We just want you and others to know that this amazing experience is available for you.

Thank you for being a part of the developing phenomenon of Life Between Lives Regressions.

Watch out for our occasional newsletters or blogs.

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